Morgue For Maria is an American death metal band from Ohio, USA, formed in 1999. Signed to Vindictive Records, the band's current line-up consists of Jordan "Madman" Marcus (vocals, lead guitar), Devon MacKinley (lead guitar, backing vocals), Casey Kellerman (bass), Aleksei Mikelov (rhythm guitar), Peter Ulman (gutiars), and Jason Alridge (drums). The band have released three albums; 2005's Morgue For Maria, 2007's Vital Organs and 2009's In The Light of the Sun. The band's fourth album, The Plague will be released on March 15th 2011.


Formation and early years

Childhood friends Devon MacKinley and Peter Ulman had been playing guitar together for years, listening and replicating Metallica and Bathory. In their senior year at high school they met Russian descended Aleksei Mikelov, who also played guitar, and decided to make a band together. Peter Ulman's neighbour and family friend Casey Kellerman played bass, and also joined the band. Drummer Joseph Lewis Junior, another friend of Devon MacKinley, joined on as drummer by 1998.

The band, upon finishing school, posted a notice for a lead singer in their local newspaper, and original vocalist John Lambert joined shortly after. The band jammed for a while, and recorded 1999's "Grave Diggers" EP, before Lambert quit stating he "was no longer interested in the band". In a later interview with DaggerMouth, guitarist Devon MacKinley, who is the primary guitarist, stated: "When we started we were young and rushed things. That's probably why we lost John."

A search for a new singer began swiftly after Lambert's departure, and the band once again held auditions. When 22 year old construction worker Jordan Marcus came to the audition, the band were initially stunned. But once he started to sing, or rather growl, according to Devon MacKinley "we knew we had found the guy". Marcus officially joined the band in late 1999, and donned the nickname "Madman" due to his wild activity at the band's local shows.

After a few years together, the band released their 2002 EP "Kill Angie" and another EP in 2004, "Magnitised", whereupon they recieved their first record deal.

Morgue For Maria

They released their self-titled debut Morgue For Maria in 2005, before signing to Vindictive Records shortly after. After a brief break and world tour, they released the follow-up Vital Organs in 2007. Their third album In The Light of the Sun was released on December 15th 2009, with guest drums from Eternal Guardians' Michael Olivera during Joseph Lewis Junior's abscence. In early 2010 Joseph Lewis Junior announced his departure from the band after an 11 year run, citing that he needed to take some time off with his family, replaced by former Fervor drummer Jon Karr. According to Jordan "Madman" Marcus: "We respect Joe's decision, and understand entirely. But he is always welcome back in the band". It was confirmed on April 15th 2010 that, less then a few months with the band, Jon Karr had withdrawn from his position citing a lack of interest in Morgue For Maria. The band expressed their anger with Karr, and denied him return to the band if he reconsidered. Michael Olivera, from Eternal Guardians who guest appeared on In The Light of the Sun, was confirmed by Jordan "Madman" Marcus as the current drummer until they can find a permanent one.


In early 2011 Jordan "Madman" Marcus announced that the band were in the process of recording their fourth album, and slated a possible March-May release date. The band announced that the four album would be titled The Plague and would be released on March 15th 2011. It will be the first album to feature newly recruited drummer Jason Alridge.

Band members

Current members
  • Jordan "Madman" Marcus - vocals, rhythm guitar (1999-present)
  • Devon MacKinley - lead guitar, backing vocals (1999-present)
  • Casey Kellerman - bass (1999-present)
  • Aleksei Mikelov - rhythm guitar (1999-present)
  • Peter Ulman - guitars (1999-present)
  • Jason Alridge - drums (2011-present)
Former members
  • John Lambert - vocals (1999)
  • Joseph Lewis Junior - drums (1999-2010)
  • Jon Karr - drums (2010)
  • Michael Olivera - drums (2009-2010, 2010-2011)


Studio albums


  • Grave Digger (1999)
  • Kill Angie (2002)
  • Magnitised (2004)

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