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Mortal Kombat is a 2014 American action film based off of the popular video-game franchise.


Assuming the audience watched the season 1 and season 2 episodes online of Mortal Kombat, the film begins with the first fighters of the tournament.  As Jax Briggs and Stryker set out to find where this tournamnet is being held, Lui yang goes against actor lohnny page.  Johnny then develops more super natural skills but gets too cocky and gets knocked out of the tournament.  This causes anger as both sides break rules and begin fighting in a bloody mess, Tsang Tsung then breaks up the fighting but in retaliation Raiden steps in.  At the end of the film you get to see Kitana's boobs, we all know that is going to be great!

Then the big bad booty gets the stench of a ton of deep fried boogers which Melina finds tasty and begnnings to eat it. Sub-Zero disgusted, and Reptile kinda turned on, the tournament continues when Scorpion finds Sub-Zero taking a poop which will be ice cubes. Scorpion picks Sub-Zero off the toilet and begin to brawl.

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