Mortal Kombat is a 2013 American action film based off of the popular video-game franchise.


The film begins with a TV news broadcast. A news reporter is talking to police officers Jax Briggs and Kurtis Stryker about a Japanese mobster named Shang-Tsung who is holding an illegal fighting tournament. Jax says that the police are still trying to find where the fights are taking place. Then Kurtis tells the reporter that they think they know where it is. Then we see a green-skinned, deformed man named "Reptile" battling a man named Liu-Kang. Reptile starts to win, when suddenly Shang-Tsung tells them to stop. He tells the two that they are both great fighters, yet only one can make it onto the tournament's roster. M. Bison tosses both of them a sword. Then he tells them to begin.

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