Motorcycle Vengeance is a 2011 American Action Revenge Film written by Gregory Levasseur and Eric Heiresser. It is directed by Alexandre Aja and stars Emily Mortimer, Rebecca De Mornay, Adrian Grenier, Cecile De France, Paul Bettany, Emma Stone, Cheech Marin, Faune Chambers and Anna Faris.


Six former hitwomen (Cecile De France, Rebecca De Mornay, Faune Chambers, Jennifer Lopez, Emma Stone and Anna Faris) are marked for death by a female they double-crossed.


  • Emily Mortimer as Maddison Kendrall
  • Rebecca De Mornay as Nora Ladle
  • Adrian Grenier as Tordi Chez
  • Anna Farris as Ally Craig
  • Faune Chambers as Jessica Tustin
  • Emma Stone as Claire West
  • Cecile De France as Franjessica
  • Cheech Marin as Lorne
  • Paul Bettany as Officer Hardy
  • Jay Hernandez as Kent
  • Eugene Levy as Samuel West
  • Dee Wallace as Leslie West
  • Eliza Dushku as Moria The Assassin
  • Jennifer Lopez as Candice Clarence

The Motorcycle Madwomen

  1. Nora Ladle: The leader of the Motorcycle Madwomen hitmen and leader behind member Maddison Kendrall's assigned betrayal and execution
  2. Ally Craig: Completely dumb women who lost her family in a brutal mansion wedding shooting done by the Motorcycle Madwomen. Her amazing battle with Nora Ladle inspired her to recruit her.
  3. Jessica Tustin: African American deadly with a relentless talent in violence and aggression. She lives in a crappy apartment in West Hollywood
  4. Claire West: Red-Header ruthless killer with an innocent disguise though deadly inner-truth. She lives with her religous parents.
  5. Franjessica: Last member recruited before Maddison herself and the one killed first by Maddison. Franjessica possesses short blonde hair and owns a mansion won as her trailer trash mother bumped off her husband and collected the income. She taught Franjessica how to fight and be armed with weapons at age 6.
  6. Candice Claren: A member of the Motorcycle Madwomen who was present at Maddison's assigned execution and was standing from a distance taking pictures with her large picture camera. She is the last to be fought and killed by Maddison.

Battles of Vengeance

  1. Franjessica: She is fought by Maddison at her huge Mansion Party and killed via having her spine severed by her own Hilaney sword she used when attempting to kill Maddison. Franjessica is finished off as Maddison uses the4 Hilaney sword to crack Franjessica's heel which makes her stumble off her bedroom balcony and onto the tiled floor below which then spirals her into the pool
  2. Jessica Tustin: She is fought at the Colombia State University Campus whilest her teenage daughter Helena is out cheerleading the Wildcross Varsity Football Game. She is killed as Maddison uses the weapon Jessica used in her betrayal the spinning blades to snap her neck
  3. Ally Craig: She is fought at her parent's plantation where she was to be married in the front garden. She is killed as her own Guitar weapon is used to cut her diagonally across the side: severing her in half
  4. Claire West: She is fought at parent's home in Pasadena, California. She is killed as her own bolt action rifle is intercepeted by Maddison who then blows her head off with it.
  5. Nora Ladle: She is fought at her Lakeside Holiday Home and on her canoe on the lake where she is finally killed with her own paddle weapon which is smacked across the side of head unfortunatley causing one of her anaerorisms to pop.
  6. Candice Claren: Though not necessarily a fight as nothing is shown but Maddison tracks down Candice who is working at a Department of Motor Vehicles in Hempton, Nort Connecticut. It is implied that Maddison kills Candice by smashing her camera through her face. (Maddison is seen before the ending breaking into to Candice's apartment and stealing the camera she used to take pictures of her beat-up betrayal in the Gobi Desert.

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