This game is a showdown of movies, there will be a fighter lobby as the hub center to choose your character even a custom character known as custom star, then go to the arena to fight.You can go to the cinema maker to customize your character and use pieces from other movie characters.


  • Luke skywalker
  • Weapon:lightsaber
  • Ablity: the force
  • x Button: lightsaber slash
  • Square button:lightsaber impale
  • Triangle button :force lightning
  • circle button: agressive slash
  • costumes from movies:star wars episodes 4,5,6
  • movies:star wars episodes 4,5,6
  • Dragonfly
  • Weapon: his fists
  • x Button:punch
  • Square button:Breakdance kick
  • finisher:aerial slam
  • costume from his movie:dragon fly w/wings,regular dragonfly,Rick rieker

Movie:super hero movie

  • Harry potter
  • x button:Imperio
  • square button:exbiatle protronus
  • triangle button: partial tongue snake summon
  • costume from movies:wizard robe 1,wizard robe 2,wizard robe 3,wizard robe 4,wizard robe 5
  • Darth maul

weapon:double bladed lightsaber

  • x button:lightsaber slash
  • square button:lightsaber throw
  • triangle button:force choke
  • costume from movies:hooded robe,cybernetic constructed,unhooded robe
  • Rising star
  • movie:you make in cinema maker
  • weapon:select a premade weapon
  • Attacks:you deicide
  • Costumes:you make in the star's Trailer
  • Attack controls:you deicide
  • Anakin Skywalker
  • Weapon:Blue lightsaber
  • Alt.weapon:red lightsaber,Green lightsaber
  • square button:Aggressive slash
  • X button:Agressive Impale
  • Triangle button:Force Crush

Costumes:Dark side anakin,Mustafar damaged Anakin,Darth vader armor,Force spirit form, Battle damaged Darth vader,Anakin Missing an arm,Clone wars armor,Custom costume sith Emporer Vader,Old jedi hermit Anakin,Cybernetic Reconstruction,

  • Darth sidious
  • Weapon:Electrom lightsaber
  • X button:force lightning
  • Triangle button:Force Repusle
  • Square button:Agressive slash
  • Characters created by the makers
  • Slash from guitar hero
  • weapon les paul
  • notes hurt the player must have guitar controller
  • Stormtrooper
  • all button opperate the blaster
  • yoda
  • weapon :lightsaber
  • each button has a diffrent slash
  • sevorus snape
  • imperio
  • Crushio
  • Dumbledor
  • patronenus
  • Qui-Gon jinn
  • weaponsBlue,Green,Yellow lightsabers
  • force throw
  • megatron
  • punch
  • step on
  • invisble girl
  • punch
  • kick
  • The mask
  • rocket gun
  • punch boxing glove

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