When the family of Blood landed in England 1913 they brainwashed Mr Bracks a local newsagent to be leader of their scarecrow army.He operated the family spaceship and helped capture the family hosts.When the Doctor disguised as John Smith came to surrender his near immortality he set the ship to explode.As the family fled he was released and begged them to wait for him.When he ran out the explosion knocked him to the ground.He returned to his shop afterwards.

Years later in 1969 he witnessed young Melody Pond regenarate.

In 1987 a very old Mr Bracks visited London but Reapers attacked.He made it to a church where the Dr and some others were seeking refuge.He explained to the Dr that he had six months to live and was going around the world.When he told him he encountered the Dr in the past the Dr stayed away from him.When the Reapers got in he tried to run but was devoured.He was later ressurected after the paradox was resolved.

On his deathbed he told his daughter of the Dr and his encounters.

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