My Destiny is an upcoming album by Matthew Ashcroft. The album will be released February 18 2010, and will have 11 tracks. The genre is a fusion of Electronic and Rock. The first single from the album, My Destiny, was released on Sunday 6th December 2009. The second single was the EP Gods Are Silent. The Download link will be on Fanon Wiki in February.[when?]

Track Listing

1. Electric Shock

2. My Destiny

3. Surgery

4. Tumor Of A Hurricane

5. O.N.E.M.A.N.A.R.M.Y.


7.Gods Are Silent

8.Demons (Fire)

9.Torn To Pieces

10.The Final Straw

11.Surgery (Matthew's Car Crash Remix)

12.Trust Is Broken

Album Artwork

My destiny album

The Album Cover.

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