My Little SpongeBob: JellyFishing is Magic is a animated fanon TV series by DeathHeart311.


Sandy reveals SCP-096 her Show-Turner3.0. But as she introduced it, SCP-106 came and messes up. Then, the gang teleported into Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ! Now that in PonyVille that the gang turned into Jellyfish, they now have amazing adventures in PonyVille!



  • This was originaly called SpongePonies, but it was turned to My Little SpongeBob: JellyFishing is Magic.
  • Here are the SpongeBob characters as Ponies:
    • SpongeBob as AppleJack(still looks like himself, cutie mark is a spatula and 3rd apple is a Krabby Patty)
    • Sandy as Rarity(still looks like herself, cutie mark is an acorn)
    • Patrick as Pinkie Pie(still looks like himself, cutie mark is.......nothing.)
    • Plankton as Spike(still looks like himself)
  • There are 3 seasons in total and 20 episodes in each season.
  • There was a picture made by DeathHeart311 on 16.2.12.

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