My Lovely life is 2012 American drama film directed by Peter Jackson. Starring Danielle Panabaker as college student, try fights for life when she drowning in beach after her meltdown in her best friend,s 17 year old birthday party and Georgie Henley as collage student,s next door nighbours, She make her next door nighbours a meltdown in her best friend,s 17 year old birthday party, She was feel sorry when her next door nighbours was drowning in beach.


Sienna Johnson, 18 year old, College Student, living with her mum, her dad, her sister and her brother. Sienna have a meltdown was Phoebe Nightingale, Sienna's next door nighbours made the meltdown in Sienna's best friend in her 17 year old birthday party. Sienna was drowning in beach after her meltdown and is try fights for life. Sienna was a ghost after she was drowing. Phoebe was feel sorry when Sienna was drowning in beach. Sienna think is not fair on Phoebe after her meltdown in her best friend's 17 year old's birthday party.



  • Danielle Panabaker as Sienna Johnson/a collage student
  • Georgie Henley as Phoebe Nightingale/Sienna,s next door nighbours

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