During the Clone Wars, Myaalasa's homeworld of Anaxes fell under attack by the C.I.S. The siege was long and brutal. Six-year-old Myaalasa and her even younger sister Tosa,age four, were orphaned, and Myaalasa lost hope. The Jedi fighting there tried to comfort her, to giver that hope back, but to no avail. Myaalasa began to contemplate suicide. But then another Jedi came at the head of the Republic's reinforcements. A Jedi of great power, skill, and courage. The attacking droid army, seemingly endlessly oncoming, wilted before his burning lightsaber. His name was Anakin Skywalker He encountered little Myaalasa in the desert, using her own body to shield her sister from the approaching horde of battle droids. Anakin lept into action, cutting every last one of the droids down. He spoke words of encouragement to Myaalasa, and this time she did regain hope.

Myaalasa would never forget Anakin, and after she became Fairy of the Stars this was part of what led her to use her powers to enhance the Ultimate Chaos Control intended merely to undo the damage wrought by the Yuuzhan Vong War. She appeared a few days afterward to explain. Though she never used her powers to a great extent in helping Anakin and his companions again, they remained her friends and during winter holidays and lulls in the New Clone Wars Myaalasa would come to visit them.

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