Mystic Powers is a television show created by Disney. The show stars 6 school mates, as they go through high school while having superpowers. The show started in September 2012.


The story of the show is shown in the pilot episode.

One peaceful day of school, the last day of Grade 8 before everyone was sent off to high school. Everyone had left the building, except two groups of friends. The ten teens (4 in one group, 6 in the other) then decided to split up, as a number of them had to take the School bus to get back home. The remaining 6 teens then started talking, as they too were supposed to be splitting up coming the next year, as they all went to school together since kindergarten.

As all the buses left school, the six teens readied to leave to go home for the summer. However as they were about to leave, the cool Science teacher of the school, Mr. Cixot, approached them to ask if they, being the only six people left at school, a chance to test out his new soda pops, as he loved soda. As the teens entered the now-deserted school, they entered his laboratory, room 18. On the lab desk laid six different coloured pops in glasses. He explained: the orange one was Root Beer, the pink was Cream Soda, the blue was raspberry, the purple was grape, the green was lime, and yellow was lemon. With all the teens choosing their pops, they drank them. After which, their eyes widened and gave big smiles, and Chris then lets out a loud burp.

Later, on the way home from school Jacob and Ethan, who lived close to each other, were talking about that marvelous tasting pop. Jacob also added that he hasn't felt the same since he drank it. He felt so much more like a ninja. Ethan said that he got a headache after drinking his, and adds that he think he's gotten smarter. Little did they know that in 8 weeks, they would learn that they have powers...

Main CastEdit


  • Jake T. Austin as Jacob - Jacob is the tech wizard of the group. His colour is orange.
  • Debby Ryan as Caitlin - Caitlin is the athletic of the group. Her colour is pink.
  • Thomas Batuello as Christopher - Christopher, though often called Chris or Topher, is the quickest thinker of the group. His colour is blue. He is also Caitlin's love interest.
  • Dakota Earnest as Julie - Julie, often called Jewels by her friends, is the most care-free of the group. Her colour is purple. She is the love interest of Jacob.
  • Cole Sprouse as Ethan - Ethan is the smartest of the group and is in the honour roll. His colour is green.
  • Alyson Stoner as Brianna - Brianna is the musical member of the group. Her colour is yellow.


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