Seireitou's unnamed projection technique

What one could call Naga's "Original" form.

Lord Naga Drex vas BattleHammer, born simply Naga Drex, is a god-like Ancient One. Human-kind doesn't even amount to dust to it, and many have attempted to usurp it's awesome, unparalleled amount of power from it, only to fail miserably and fall to a crashing, painful defeat.

Origins Edit

Naga, like all Ancient Ones, was forged by the Prime Gods to safeguard their authority in the cosmos. During this time, Naga didn't have a name, gender, or specific appearance. It took part in the Ancient Ones' usurping of power over the Prime Gods, though Naga managed to secretly syphon more power than the other Ancient Ones. Whereas each Ancient One would syphon the power of a defeated Prime God to themselves, Naga syphoned ten, gaining complete dominance to the other Ancient Ones. By the time they had learned of this, Naga had already begun preparations to syphon the powers of the rest of the Ancient Ones to him.

The Ancient Ones waged a furious war against Naga that lasted many years, but it was all in vain. By the time it was over, Naga was the only remaining Ancient One left, having syphoned all of the power the cosmos had to offer. The cataclysmic war resulted in the awakening of the Lost Hive, an even older species than the Prime Gods. The Lost Hive were forced into being sealed away within the Universe itself by the Prime Gods for their destructive, horrific nature. The Lost Hive waged war against Naga, who proved to be powerful enough to self detonate and send the species rocking back into another galaxy, hidden away until their numbers can replenish. Naga's self detonation resulted in the Big Bang, which created the Milky Way galaxy and Earth, which the entity would next reside.

Personality Edit

Naga has an extremely malleable personality that it attributes to each of his own bodies. Still, in the larger scope of things, Naga is manipulative, cunning, greedy, and arrogant. It knows how to be charming, and knows every sentient being has it's own weaknesses and breaking points.

Abilities Edit

  • Ecological Empathy: The Earth, being created from the strife of the Ancient Ones' war, is treated like an offspring of Naga. Thus, as a living entity, the planet will aid Naga whenever he wills it to. This can extend to his surroundings coming to his rescue or defense.

Physical Forms Edit

Berserk The Brand

The Mark of Naga

Each one of Naga's physical forms bears a mark, known simply as the "Mark of Naga". It signifies that the body is inhabited by the entity, and can serve as a sort of beacon to any who try to locate him. In that, Naga cannot hide from his enemies if they are able to detect his mark's residual aura.
Roa 4

Naga's "Awakened" form

  • Awakened Form: Naga's original body that first awakens in the year 2012 is that of a sickly, pale man with well-built musculature and rigid, sharp teeth with slitted red eyes and wavy, long dark hair. He awakens in a chamber, having been unearthed by a fanatical group of rich cultists. This form is very egotistical and inward-thinking, treating those subservient to it like pawns and anyone opposing it like ants. His abilities starting with this form are:
    • Power Augmentation: At any point, Naga can enhance another person's power or even drain them of it, adding to his own awesome power.
    • Power Bestowal: Naga can even give people certain abilities or techniques without measure or limit. This can even go so far as to limit and even add weaknesses to the bestowals.
    • Power Negation: If Naga has granted someone power, he can also negate them from using that power if he wanted to. He uses this to control his minions and keep them subservient to him.
    • Power Erasure: Once again, if Naga has given someone power, he is also able to take it away at any time on a whim.
    • Power Replication: If Naga witnesses a power being used, he can replicate it at it's maximum capacity and even bend and construct it so that it fits his style or need.
    • Power Detection: Naga is capable of sensing when abilities are being used, where exactly, and how they are being used. He can even sense what properties make up the techniques.
    • Accelerated Regeneration: Due to his true form being an incorporeal idea, Naga cannot be destroyed by merely destroying his bodies. However, if one is lucky enough to actually manage to harm one of his physical forms, he can merely regenerate it in a matter of seconds. This counts for even the most grievous of wounds, such as limb-loss.
    • Anatomical Liberation: Even when separated from his physical body, Naga's lost limbs can still pose a threat. They can take on life forces of their own and are controlled by Naga.
    • Organic Construction: Any of Naga's bodies are capable of manipulating their anatomy and repurposing it to fit any need, such as protruding ribs from skin to impale incoming targets.
    • Duplication: Naga can duplicate any physical forms he takes on, each body being a mere copy of the original and acting as puppets for Naga. These duplications can return to the original body in an incorporeal form at any time.
    • Matter Ingestion: Naga is capable of devouring almost anything that can, even narrowly, fit in his throat. While he can't literally "ingest" it, he can teleport it into the vacuum of space from his stomach.
    • Amalgamation: Since Naga can rearrange atoms and molecular structures at will, he can merge his physical forms with anything and everything.
    • Self-Detonation: By infusing large amounts of energy within one of his physical bodies, Naga can cause it to explode like a living bomb.
    • Toxic Breath: Naga can emit toxic fumes through the breath of his physical forms. This gas has proved to also be extremely flammible.
    • Acid Saliva: As with his toxic breath, Naga can produce large amounts of acidic spittle on a whim.
    • Sonic Scream: Naga can scream at volumes capable of toppling buildings and sending large objects flying away from him.
    • Echolocation: Naga is capable of "seeing things" with his hearing, able to perfectly visualize what's going on in a nearby room just from the sounds in it.
    • Pyric Exhalation: Just like with his toxic breath, Naga can spew fire from his mouth. He can use this interchangeably with his toxic breath to produce a dangerous explosive stream.
    • Vacuum and Atmospheric Adaptation: Naga's physical forms can withstand pressures of space and deep sea travel.
    • Vacuum and Aquatic Respiration: Naga's physical bodies don't need oxygen to survive thus they can stay underwater and in space without suffering from the lack of it.
    • Self-Sustenance: Naga's bodies don't need food or water either, as they are self-sustaining as long as Naga is controlling them.
    • Immunity to poison and diseases: Since nothing can enter Naga's physical bodies without his permission, he is virtually incapable of contracting diseases unless he wills it, nor can he suffer from poisons. The body immediately rejects anything foreign that isn't willed by Naga and disposes of it accordingly.
    • Enhanced Strength, Agility, Jumping Skills, Dexterity, Durability, Reflexes, Senses, Marksmanship, and Vision: All of Naga's bodies are in top physical condition. Each are able to carry more weight than any human can handle, move at speeds that would tear normal muscles apart, suffer damage that would kill any normal person, react to something within seconds of it happening, hear, smell, and see things from far away, shoot with abnormal accuracy, and see in different vision modes such as UltraViolet and X-Ray.
    • Intuitive Aptitude: Naga is able to comprehend the exact nature of objects, organisms, and even abilities without long-term study due to his adaptive learning and knowledge of the workings of reality.
    • Omnilingualism: He understands all languages known on Earth and can communicate telepathically with beings just in case.
220px-Shiki Roa Far Side

Naga's Second Awakened Form

  • Awakened Form II: After extensive damage to his first Awakened Form, Naga can shed it away in place for an enhanced Awakened Form in which he gains a substantial increase in power as well as a more reactive regeneration ability. New abilities that come with this form include:
    • Psychic Navigation: Naga can locate people, locations, objects, and even information by fumbling in the minds of those who know of them.
    • Enhanced Memory: Naga can recall anything he remembers with picture-perfect detail.
    • Perspicuity: Naga is immune to all forms of psychic penetration, be it illusionary or otherwise.
    • Technopathy: Naga is capable of manipulating technology, to the point where he can use his mind to hack into even some of the most secure computer systems.

      Naga's Reawakened Form

  • Reawakened Form: Naga's third form, in which he stays in for a very brief period of time compared to others, he gains a significant increase in mental-based powers. Since he had sustained such critical damage from his last battle, he wears healing bandages over his face and torso so that they can regenerate quicker.
    • Telepathy: Each of Naga's physical forms has the ability to levitate and move objects with their minds.
    • Danger Intuition: Naga can sense when he is about to get hit, thus alerting him to avoid impact or prepare for it beforehand.
    • Mind, Emotion, Memory, and Dream Manipulation: More like illusionary techniques, Naga can influence a person's mind, emotions, memory, and dreams by replacing and reshaping them.
    • Neurocognitive Deficit: Naga can instantaneously shut down the brain functions in a person, knocking them unconcious for a short period of time.
      224070 1243967394277 225 350

      Naga's "Harbinger" Form

  • Harbinger Form: Naga's Harbinger Form is the body heralding that of Naga's supposed "unstoppable" form, "Sovereign". In this form, Harbinger gains many abilities that manipulate physics and reality itself. This is meant to show how unstoppable he would be in his next form if he can do such things in the current one.
    • Intangibility: Naga's Harbinger form allows him to become intangible without having to rearrange his molecular structure at all, allowing him to pass through solid objects and even people.
    • Conversion: Harbinger is capable of "coding" himself onto other beings and replicating himself that way. This technique isn't needed due to his self-replicative ability above, but he keeps it handy when he feels the need to emotionally torture someone by replicating himself through their loved ones, effectively killing them.
    • Paralysis: Naga can paralyze beings and animals, making them unnable to move. Any forces outside his control, however, can move them away though not move their paralyzed limbs.
    • Dimensional Storage: Naga can open ripples in space and store things or people in a separate dimension of his own, comprised completely of darkness and suspended space but with enough resources to sustain human life.
    • Vitality Absorption: Naga is capable of absorbing the lifeforce of other creatures to sustain his own.

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