Biographical information

December 15

Physical description



5 ft. 8 in.

Hair color


Eye color


Weapon of choice

Heavenly Sword

Chronological and political information



Nash is a main original character of the Ultimate Adventures crossover fanon television series. At the beginning of the series in season one he appears as a sixteen-year-old boy with a curious behavior. Nash later goes on to wield the Heavenly Sword, a weapon of great power.

Character Outline

Nash is a tall and gangly sixteen-year-old kid who before meeting Ryu didn't have much of a life. One day his curiosity led him to explore a mysterious cave outside of his hometown. Upon wandering in the cave Nash discovered that there was a sword stuck in the rocks. Nash is shown to perceptive but at the same time rather goofy, curious, and meddlesome. Nash still has heroic qualities such as bravery and determination as he aspires to become a hero to save the world.


Swordsmanship: Upon attaining the weapon known as the Heavenly Sword, Nash was blessed with many powers and abilites as the swords weilder. Once Nash became the wielder of the sword he was blessed with instinctive and stunning swordsmanship skills, now able to match enemy attacks with ease.

Magic: Upon gaining ownership of the Heavenly Sword Nash was also blessed with the ability to use different forms of magic. Nash can manipulate the powers of fire, ice, water, wind, and even lightning by using the Heavenly Sword as a medium.

Plot Involvement

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