Nathan is a main character in Total Assault: Ultimate Conflict.

  • Height:
    • 5'06" (TA 1)
    • 5'09" (TA 0)
  • Weight:
    • 160 lb. (230 lb.) (TA 1)
    • 186 lb. (225 "526" lb.) (TA 0)


Nathan anonymously spied on Jon, Cody, and Shawn during the battle of Takreeka. When they came under fire, Nathan attempted to help, but the stray sniper shot went striaght through his cerebral cortex, yet he survived. This miracle stumped even the keenest of scientists. Most of his life he was disabled, and was quarantined due to hyper advanced brain waves erupting constantly from his brain that would shatter bones and boil skin. It was unknown what was causing these tidal waves of force, but something had to be done about it. The same scientists who gave Jon his vision back were able to give Nathan back his motor skills. They built a helmet they called Ra-2, named after the Egyptian Sun God. The helmet was able to take the waves and contain them, and Nathan could even focus them into a powerful energy beam protruding from his helmet. The Ra gave him back his motor skills and amplified them a little past that of a normal human, not Titan strong, but a little stronger than a normal human. He was a war veteran in the UEM, but he then quit and enlisted in the MSWG. There, he graduated from their guild, and joined Davian on his crusade against The Zodiac. He was killed during the Haven destruction battling Adrean, he killed her and destroyed the Haven with his super powerful brain waves.

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