Necronus is a third-person survival horror-action video game, developed by Heron Hearts and Epic Games Studios for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. The player takes on the role of Robert "Slasher" Isaacs, the leader of a group of space marines from the planet Cerus. Along with his team Robert battles alien Necronus monstrosities similarly to Dead Space and Doom aboard the SSC Hanivor, a Cerus ship that has crashed on an alien planet.

Gameplay Edit

The player takes on the role of Robert Isaacs, and commands four other Cerus space marines using the Unreal Engine from Epic Games. A few months before the game begins the SSC Hanivor crash lands on a alien planet and Robert and his team are sent to investigate.

Plot Edit

  • Robert Isaacs - The main character and leader of the Marine Squad Alpha22. Robert is agile and skilled with guns, and can also repair damaged systems. When his close friend Damien Carlon is killed by Necro-fiends, Robert is driven to rescue the few survivors scattered across the SSC Hanivor. Robert is also very practical, and can use metal tables and other objects as shields.

Necronus Edit

  • Necronus - Small versatile Necroni that feed on human flesh.

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