Necropolis of the Damned and Destroyed is the fourth album from English death metal band Van Helsing, released on October 10th 1999. It is preceded by 1998's Thrice Death Toll and followed by 2001's It Eats Your Face.

Track listing

  1. "Resurrected Through Blood" - 2:55
  2. "Circle of Carnage" - 5:00
  3. "In Servitude of Death" - 8:45
  4. "At The Centre of the Destruction" - 7:56
  5. "Tombs Defiled" - 4:15
  6. "Head On A Spear" - 7:00
  7. "Alive and Burning" - 8:00
  8. "Sacrifices Unto Baphomet" - 9:00
Van Helsing-Necropolis of the Damned and Destroyed

Necropolis of the Damned and Destroyed continued in the same vein as Thrice Death Toll

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