Need For Speed: Burnout
Developer(s) EA Black Box for cars and locations. Criterion Games for Paradise City,gameplay and fictional cars. SEGA for Sonic Team cars
Publisher(s) EA
Distributor(s) SEGA
Series Need For Speed. Burnout
Engine(s) RenderWare
Platform(s) Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows
Mode(s) Career mode, Online Freeburn

Need For Speed: Burnout is a video game developed by EA Black Box and Criterion Games.


It's a mix up of the NFS Series and Burnout Series. The original name of the game was Burnout 6 but Paradise was Burnout 6. It was renamed to Need For Speed: The Run but it was already in use by Black Box. The official name of the game became "Need For Speed: Burnout".

Black Box made a message to Criterion to make a crossover of Burnout and Need For Speed. It also marks that this Burnout game has real cars (But it also contains 100+ Burnout cars). Criterion said "This game will be action-packed, illicit, destructive. This game would extremely blow the doors of the category.


The gameplay will have 6 types of events. Race, Road Rage, Marked Man, Maniac, Burning Routes and Pursuit.

Race: Race to a specific landmark (e.g. Wildcats Baseball Station). Remember.. there are no fixed routes so use the compass on the top. Flashing road signs show the best route to reach the finish line.

Road Rage: Takedown other rivals and reach the target before your car runs out of juice or the clock blows down.

Marked Man: Survive the drive from Black Civilians before your car totals!

Maniac: Do one of the dangerous driving aspects (e.g. Near Miss) before time runs out!

Pursuit: Be the cop. Crash the opponent before your cop car gets totalled or the opponent loses you!

Burning Routes: Race a specific car and race to the finish line before time runs out. A single win will bring you a brand new ride!

Bikes return to this game with 2 unique events, Bike Race and Bike Maniac.

Billboards, Super Jumps, Mega Jumps (Outside Paradise City) and Smash Gates will return.


Main Article: List of NFS: Burnout cars

The game will have 400+ cars. Mixed up from Burnout 1 to Paradise and Need For Speed Most Wanted to Undercover.

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