Neil Jeffrey Griffith (b. June 5th 1965-) is an American musician, most notably playing in the Chicago thrash metal band Chemical Asphyxiation from 1982-1995; after he appeared as a guest on several albums and released his two solo records. He currently resides in Berlin, where he manages several local metal bands.


Personal life

Neil Jeffrey Griffith was born on the 5th of June 1965 to Jeffrey "Jeff" Griffith and Christina Griffith. His older brother Chuck would later form Chemical Asphyxiation after Neil left college. He was married in 2001 to Anna Lawrence, and they have two children Daniel and Sarah. He and his family live in Berlin, moving their in 2005.

Musical career

Neil played lead guitar in Chemical Asphyxiation from its formation in 1982 until his departure in 1995; appearing on the band's first seven albums.

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