Nekka Mallory is one of the newest editions to the Sliding force, and because of that, she is not particularly close to any of the other members of the team. Nekka is from the same earth as Spindoctor and worked under him when the investigation started with Shelbs, Lexie and the other witnesses that had been captured by the Kromaggs. Nekka is a very unique charcter, she has what you might call a 'Dumb like a fox' personality. Nekka is slightly clumsy and incopetent in some areas, but she makes up for that with her Computer skills (Which includes a great deal of knowledge about the Kromagg technology from when she first crash landed on Earth 113) her fighting skills, and her loyalty.

She is a quick learner, and understands more than people thinks she does. This might come from Nekka being the double of Logan St. Claire, although her dark side is not the controlling force in her personality. The differences between her and Logan are few, but are quite distinguishable. Nekka's hair is slightly longer than Logan's and her eyes are brown. Nekka's loyalties are scattered a little from Spindoctor, who gave her a second chance after being fired from previous jobs, and tolerating her when she screwed up, and the team of people whom she has come to trust. Nekka has a grudge with Kromaggs named Bar'ney and Bob who tortured her when she was held captive to get information from her. At the time, Nekka only knew very little about the others, so they were unable to get any information from her.

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