Never Look Behind You is a 2013 horror film that stars Lucas Till, Emma Watson, KeKe Palmer, Lucas Grabeel, Dakota Fanning, Leon Thomas III, Taylor Momsen, Katerina Graham, Drew Barrymore and Ving Rhames.


  • Seven high schoolers become the target of a mentally unstable woman's obsessions.


  • Lucas Till as Tyrone James
  • Emma Watson as Lauren Grymes
  • KeKe Palmer as Verima Johnson
  • Lucas Grabeel as Guy Largo
  • Dakota Fanning as Kelli Jones
  • Leon Thomas III as Maleek Frances
  • Taylor Momsen as Shenae Prinze
  • Katerina Graham as Yacinda
  • Drew Barrymore as Helen Jones
  • Ving Rhames as Tyrese Geords

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