New Cairo is a major location in Total Assault 2.

Zodiac Controlled

During the attack on New Cairo 6 Melchizadek lead an assault to take down a Scarab Queen. She is driven to the edge of the beach and then bombarded from orbital air strikes by ships in the upper orbit.

Spawn Controlled

After The Spawn take control of the city they are quickly contained by Avisto and his posse. They are then betrayed by Fiends, which causes a massive Great Divide.

Return to the City

Avisto then finds out that Ragnarok is planning to activate a Harbinger weapon buried beneath the City that can fire lightyears into space, and he finds out that Ragnarok is planning to use this to destroy Haven II. Avisto and Ragnarok duel, and Avisto defeats him. The City is then destroyed to avoid Global Contamination by The Spawn.

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