a fan fiction episode of Dexter's Laboratory




Dee Dee



Mee Mee

Lee Lee

Gee Gee (debut)


Dee Dee is seen swinging from a cord in the lab when Lee Lee comes in with Mee Mee following her, saying that Lee Lee's hotel heiress friend, Gee Gee (pronnounced Jee Jee) is moving into the new wong hotel in the nightlife part of town. Then Gee Gee arrives, complementing Lee Lee, Mee Mee, Dee Dee, and Dexter, and sees Kal greatly bewitched, and yells at a musicer to stop playing the music following her. Abd Lee Lee sees that Gee Gee has changed into a bombshell (personality wise) and is spoiled-rotten. And sends Kal and the boys at school on a diamond hunt for her, and Gee Gee wants to take dexter with her on a plane ride. Lee Lee tries to think of a way to break Gee Gee's spell over Dexter (and the others), and Mee Mee says that she has to be prettier than Gee Gee, so Mee Mee (with the help of Dee Dee) gives LEe LEe a makeover to out-bewitch Gee Gee, and in a squabble, the mine elevator is destroyed leaving the boys trapped dpwn here, and Dee Dee, Mee Mee, Lee Lee, and Gee Gee work together to save them, and Dee Dee, Mee Mee, and Lee Lee eventually get on good terms with Gee Gee, and Gee Gee invites the other girls over to the Wong for a sleepover in her penthouse suite


Candi Milo as Dexter, Concierge

Colleen O'Saughnessey as Dee Dee, Maid

Jeff Bennet as Dad, Driver, Manager

KAth Soucie as Mom, Lee Lee, Madi #2

Cree Summer as Mee Mee

Tara Strong as Kal

Dionne Quan as Gee Gee

Grey DeLesile as excited guest


  • this episode marks the debut appearence of Gee Gee
  • this is the 1st fan fiction that Kal appears in which Kelly does not
  • a portion of the song, Crazy in Love, is played when Kal is staring at Gee Gee
  • This episode's plot is similar to the barnyard episode, Abby Vs. Veronica

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