A fighters meet Angelo(Angelo Rules),who is now villain.He is have army....


Power Fighting

These fighters never stood a chance.

  • Sponge Bob[alive]
  • Sandy Cheeks[alive]
  • Bessie Higgenbottom[dead:killed by Angelo,Lola and Sherwood]
  • Freddy the Perret[dead:killed by Angelo,who used ultrasound gun]
  • Peck the Chicken[dead:killed by Link]

Three fighters dead.This team now is powerful and living all war with next team.

  • Pogoriki[alive]
  • Sponge Bob[alive]
  • Rosariki[alive]
  • Sandy Cheeks[alive]
  • Wolliriki[alive]
  • Olgariki[alive]

Angelo's Shadow

Angelo is now powerful.This new team never stood a chance too.

  • Carly[alive]
  • Sam[alive]
  • Freddie[alive]
  • Spencer[alive,but mentioned by Angelo]
  • Sasha Striker[alive]
  • Marvine[alive,but mentioned by Angelo]

This team living all war.Next team living this war too.

Ice Age

This team never stood a chance too.

  • Manny[alive]
  • Sid[alive]
  • Diego[alive]
  • Ellie[alive]
  • Glidewing[alive]
  • Scrat[dead:killed by Shadewing]
  • Scratte[alive]

This fighters living all war too.

Bloo's Last Chance

This fighters living all war too.

  • Mac[alive]
  • Bloo[alive]
  • Goo[alive]
  • Eduardo[dead:killed by Angelo]
  • Cheese[dead:killed by Sherwood]
  • Wilt[alive]
  • Coco[alive]


All 4 teams defeated Angelo's army,missing friends....

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