Featuring: Sophie Prescott and October Prescott

Also Featuring: Frank Campbell and Harry Campbell


Main Plot: October wanted Sophie, She and Sophie tell about Nick and Jerrick's Best Bits. October wanted show The Scandal Cilp when Nick, Jerrick and Sophie saw her in school then Sophie was shock. Sophie try not to show the clip but it was too late. Sophie is not happy when October show everbody in The Scandal Cilp. October tell Sophie, She got big trouble when Judith Campbell,s dad Frank Campbell and Judith,s uncle Harry Campbell push Sophie in bush and they say bush push in The New Girl. October show Sophie, The New Girl clip when Frank and Harry push Sophie in bush for bully Judith in school and say bush push. Sophie tell Frank and Harry are bad. Frank open the door and Harry and Frank grab Sophie, Sophie say not again. Frank and Harry push Sophie in bush push and say bush push. Sophie show the clip from Jerrick's daughter when Jerrick and October kidnapped Renesmee Malloy.

All Episodes from two series put in this episodes as a cilp

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