NickToons Punch time explodion is a 3DS fighting game with Nicktoons caracters

Playable nicktoons Spongebob Patrick squidward (secret) Sandy Tommy (baby) (secret) Tommy (all grown-up) Angellala (Toddler) (secret) Angellaca (All grown-up) Doug (secret) Ren (secret) Stimpy Tak Sheen Jimmy neutron (secret) Danny phantom (secret) Po (secret) Timmy Dagget (secret) Norbert (secret) Mr.Huggles (Secret) Rocko CatDog (secret) Arnold XJ9 (secret) ZIM (secret) GIR Dancing fruit (secret) Blue (nick.jr cheat) Dora (nick.jr cheat) Max (nick.jr cheat) Ruby (nick.jr cheat)

Arenas Pineapple house (spongebob) Dinosaur friendship jungle (IDs) ZIM house (invader ZIM) Stus choclate pudding kitchen (Rugrats) Ren and stimpy house (ren and stimpy) Evil toy factory (attack of the toybots!) FishBone house (CatDog) more to be announced!

Boss Giant plankton (spongebob) Klasky Csupo (Rugrats) Bunny (CatDog) Pinch Face (IDs) Taco man (invader ZIM) Boss remote (Punchtime explosion)

Assists Mr.Krabs Gaz (invader ZIM) powdered toast man (ren and stimpy) Boots (nick.jr cheat)

Plot Same as cartoon network (doug as captain Planet) Video games

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