"Nicky vs. Jason"

Nick and Jerrick








July 22, 2011

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Featuring: Nick Lagory, Jerrick Washington, Seok Song, Jason Jaques-Jones

Also Featuring: Kurt Twombly, Barnabé Ricard, Marthe Ricard, Anne-Elisabeth Ricard, Ruth Dafella, Kyle Robinson, Matt Baker, Kat Baker, Jacob Baker, Reverend Jackson, Chief Howard, Shaun Miller, Judge Lewis, The Crip Cousins, Suzy, Koga the Crocodile, Koga's Crocodile Gang


Main Plot: Nick Lagory is walking to his apartment when he suddenly comes across Jason Jaques-Jones, a trouble making rock and roll artist. Nick accidentally bumps into Jason who is enraged. Jason then grabs Nick by his collar and slams him onto a nearby wall. Jason challenges Nick to a fight which will occur next Friday. Nick is frightened by Jason and is scared to fight him. Jerrick sees the whole incident occur and tells Nick that it is time for him to be a man. Jerrick then takes Nick upstairs to Master Song's Taekwondo school to get trained.

Master Song initally refuses to train Nick unless he goes on a quest to collect several legendary items for him: a golden spoon, a golden fork, and a golden bowl. All of the items can be found in the Florida everglades. Nick and Jerrick journey to the Florida everglades where they come across a gang of talking crocodiles led by a crocodile named Koga. Jerrick points out that Nick must fight Koga as he needs to be a man. Nick fights Koga one on one and gets pummeled. Jerrick stares in shock as he actually thought Nick would win the fight (because that is the way it goes in all other shows). Jerrick then turns around and runs away from Koga and his crocodile gang with a fallen Nick in his hands. Jerrick and Nick then hideout in the Florida everglades for a week till a search party finds them. Jerrick and Nick are taken back to Rose Beach, Florida and since they failed the quest Master Song does not train Nick.

Friday finally comes and it is time for Nick to fight Jason. On Friday night, Nick and Jason meet in the parking lot of the Grandcenter Apartments where they then fight. Nick puts up no contest in the fight and is mopped by Jason. Everyone in Rose Beach was there to watch the fight and Nick is embarrassed. The episode ends with a fallen Nick being loaded up into an ambulance cursing at Jerrick.

Sub Plot: Word of Nick's fight with Jason reaches everyone in Rose Beach. Kurt Twombly decides that it would be a good money making scheme to take bets for the fight. Kurt spends most of the episode venturing throughout town collecting bet money for the fight. Everyone bets on Jason to the win fight which Kurt wasn't exactly expecting as he betted on Nick. When it comes time for the fight and Jason wins as everyone expects, Kurt looks dumbfounded. Everyone heckles Kurt for their money when he makes up an excuse: he's going to take the money and donate it to charity. The citizens of Rose Beach then chase Kurt who only makes it ten feet away before being caught and beaten by the angry mob. While the angry mob is rioting, the Ricard family take their chance to pickpocket everyone and rob Kurt. When the brawl is over everyone discovers that they have been robbed and that the money is gone.

Post-Ending Credits: Shortly after the ending credits a quick scene featuring Koga the crocodile and his gang is shown. A group of Florida police officers have Koga and his crocodile gang surrounded. Koga and his gang fights the officers, striking some down. The remaining officers then open fire on Koga and his gang, killing them all.


  • Koga the Crocodile: "Say sonnny why don't cha turn back for I eats cha!"
  • Nick (Before the fight): "Your right Jerrick it's my fight and I've got to be a man."
  • Nick (After the fight): "**** it Jerrick you've ****** me again, I'll never listen to you!"



  • The title of the episode is derived from the movie Freddy vs. Jason.
  • While Nick and Jerrick are in the Florida everglades, Master Song bets on Jason to win the fight as he knows Nick won't have a chance at winning the fight without him training him.

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