Nicodemus is a major protagonist in The 100 Acre Wood series. He is an old prophet and the mystical leader of the rats of Thorn Valley. Nicodemus ruled the forest until Jenner killed him. He was also featured in the 100 acre wood video game series as a playable character.

  • Character Information

  • Other Names - His Majesty. King Nicodemus. Nic

  • Personality - Kind. Old. Wise

  • Goal - To Keep The Forest Safe

  • Home - Thorn Valley

  • Friends - Cholena. Jiminy Cricket. Justin. Jenner (formely). Elizabeth Brisby. Jeremy the Crow. Timmy Brisby. Winnie the Pooh. Piglet. Tigger. Woody. Buzz Lightyear. Jessie. Mr. Ages. The Great Owl. Simba. Timon. Pumbaa. Nala. Mewsette. Jaune Tom. Robespierre. Goofy Goof. Fievel Mousekewitz. Baloo. Bagheera. Genie. Abu. Iago. Mickey Mouse. Donald Duck. Yen Sid. Sullivan. Timothy Q. Mouse. Tom. Jerry. Spike

  • Enemies - Ratigan. Nimh. Peg Leg Pete. Monstro. Dragon the Cat. Prince John. Shere Khan. Scar. Sid Phillips. Jenner. Warren. T. Emperor Zurg. Stinky Pete. Scroop. Chernabog. Firebird. Zira. Lotso. Meowrice. Sheriff of Nottingham. Kaa the Snake. Cat R. Waul. Bowser. Prince Charming. Kahmunrah. Queen Grimhilde. Sullivan (formely). Gaston. Fidget

  • Likes - Getting his way

  • Dislikes - Evil. Stealing. Danger

  • Powers and Abilities - His Magical Powers

  • Weapons - His Staff

  • Fate - He is killed and crushed by Jenner (Film Series) Returns in spirit form (Hidden Chronicles)

  • Quote - Courage of the Heart is very rare. The Stone has a Power when it is there.

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