""Nada es verdad, todo está permitido!""
—Nieto Caídose del Monarca reciting the Assassin tenet in Spanish to Criado del Invasor, in Assassin's Creed: Revolutions

Nieto Caídose del Monarca (born. ????) was a notable Spanish character in the early-mid 1500s, grandson of Charles V and son of Philip II in Assassin's Creed: Revolutions. Nieto was born in Madrid and raised there. He lead a normal life until in 1540 when unknown assailants attacked his father and brother Diego, severely injuring the heir and killing Diego. Bent on revenge, Nieto sought names, and was assisted by a servant to Hernán Cortés and secret assassin, Criado del Invasor.

After learning the names of his father's assailants; merchant lord Victor Drene la Monarquía Seca, crime baron and nobleman Vincente de La Sabre, owner of the El Teatro Moderno Marvelous in Aragon and murderer by night La Sangre da Salvadores, Seca's cousin and nobleman Guillermo la Dolchean, retired military commander Christian Valgiari, Aragonian lawyer Don Espanezo, mercenary lord Juan Puños de Furia, and representative of the Templar's leader Josef la Dievi. After Nieto consecutively eliminates each target, he is confronted by the mysterious Juan de Normandia, orchestrater of the whole conspiracy, in Madrid. He discovers that Juan is in fact Hernán Cortés, who has betrayed his monarchy for the Templars. After a brief fight Nieto manages to injure Hernán Cortés, whereupon Philip II arrives in the street and begins to kick Cortés repeatedly. After getting to his feet, Cortés apparently kills Philip with the Sword of Eden, then uses to orb to hold Nieto in place. After submitting to the power of Eden, Cortés goes mad, and severely injures Nieto by slashing him across the chest. He then tries to flee, whereupon a dying Philip stabs him in the throat with a hidden blade, revealing himself to be an assassin. Cortés dies beside him, and Nieto, injured, holds his father. Criado arrives moments later, taking the pieces of Eden and handing them to assassins dressed in black, much likes those from the original Assassin's Creed game. He then tells Nieto that his family will be avenged, but not yet.

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