Night School is an upcoming 3D American Horror film remake of the original 1981 Ken Hughes slasher film starring Rachel Ward. The remake is to be written by Kyle Muir and Todd Thicke and directed by Stephen Amis. It is to star Kristin Adams, Travis T. Flory, Nicholas Addlery, Anna Antonowicz, Daniella Alonso, Ashley Benson, Colin Cunnigham, Eddie Cibrian and Jason Finn.


Eleanor Adjaj (Kristin Adams) and two best friends Carol Morvier (Anna Antonowicz) and Helene Griffin (Daniella Alonso) have all enrolled at an out of the way Night School to gain a diplocation they greatly need to gain their dream job positions.

They however have their student i.d cards placed in their lockers with only the head part of their picture in tact.

Things go from bad to worse as a rash of strange killings surmount in the school and they discover what had truly happened to a friend everyone had believed to have skipped the country.


  • Kristen Adams as Eleanor Adjaj
  • Travis T. Flory as Coroner
  • Anna Antonowicz as Carol Morvier
  • Daniella Alonso as Helene Griffin
  • Nicholas Addlery as Lt. Judd Austin/ Former Campus Security Officer of the Night School around the time of Marjorie Armand's Murder
  • Ashley Benson as Kimberley Morrison/ Best friend of Kathy
  • Ashley Edner as Kathy/ Youngest Student
  • Courtney Ford as Anne Barron/ Scuba-Diver/ Rival of Swimmer Helene Griffin
  • Eddie Cibrian as Gary Vermont/ Ex-boyfriend of Anne Barron
  • Jason Finn as Taj
  • Sara Gilbert as Marjorie Armand/ Beginning Victim
  • Drew Fuller as Vincent Millett/ Survivour later boyfriend of Eleanor Adjaj
  • Lina Esco as Nula


The Killer is systematic as most his victims are just killed and bodies left to be found.

However when killing Marjorie Armand, Carol Morvier and Helene Griffin he proceeds to remove their heads after their murder and place them in a location.

He also before their murders placed a decapitated I.D image of these girl's in their lockers before their murders.

However the character Lt. Judd Austin is killed by decapitation .

Death Sequences

  1. Marjorie Armand: Thrown from Night School Roof with rope tied around neck
  2. Kimberley Morrison: Thrown through Dormitory Window following Butcher's Knife To Chest
  3. Taj: Killed in Boy's Lavatory via face pushed along Toilet Window
  4. Kathy: Killed following chase through corridors after taking refuge in hatch which is then impaled by large ceramic pole from Killer
  5. Anne Barron: Chased from Aquarium into Grounds' Woods where she is repeatedly sliced across back with bent sickle in marsh swamp
  6. Nula: Impaled through chest with bent sickle through car seat chair
  7. Gary Vermont: Killed following Nula via car spiralled off cliff onto large rock spike
  8. Helene Griffin: Boiled by Filters in Swimming Pool
  9. Lt. Judd Austin: Axe thrown onto staircase bar which upon spinning collides with head
  10. Carol Morvier: Pushed out attic window and hung from rope

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