Night of the Living Dead is an American zombie film directed by Jared Myers, and Robbie Mullis, Produced by Jonas Miller, Written and Created by Dennis Hopper; The feature film stars, George Clooney as Michael Sarik, Dennis Hopper as Ben "Grimm" Jonson, and Chloe Sharon Richson as Sarah Michaels.

The film with the same name is not a remake, even though it has the same story, with a different cast.

Plot Edit

It begins where Michael (George) and Sarah (Chloe) are at a lakehouse located in Wisconsin and as they are hidden a man comes with a bumps all over him, he tells them to be aware, and then tries to kill them, and as they escape, they see man with a chainsaw, and reveals his face, and is a zombie and as the man before catches up, the chainsaw man, kills the homeless zombie, and as they run away into the woods, they meet Ben "Grimm" the only surviver besides his sister Kelly, brothers Charlie, and Adrian, and his Mother Cherie, and as they run through the woods, Cherie is killed by Chainsaw zombie, and then a man comes and kills the Chainsaw zombie which has infected Cherie, and shoots Cherie in the head, and then he runs off, and as he then is killed by a bunch of zombies, which has found them all.

Meanwhile, at a log cabin in Wisconsin, Michael's parents are having an affair, in two separate log cabins, the mom is having an affair with a woman, and the dad is having an affair with his young attractive female accountant, and then zombies storm in and killed them all, and as the zombies are feeding on them, they are all killed by explosive experts, and then more zombies come, include Chainsaw zombies and start killing all the soldiers, and only a few survived.

And then as Michael and the rest head to a motel, they find a few soldiers, and as they reach the motel, it then skips a few days where, the world is consumed, believing it is only happening here, they are on the computer, and see that that the terror is global, but, thanks to the Japanese, they just told the survivors how to kill them, then zombies break in and kill the soldiers and Charlie, Ben then starts killing the zombies, and is killed, then they escape, and then as they run into the city, they encounter more zombies, and then they run into a big building, and as they are surrounded by zombies, they then see that the place was building an extension, and that they revealed a secret curse, called Mentti Cemine, and it caused people to turn into zombies, then Kelly falls out of the building and onto a pole sticking out of the ground, and as they are waiting all night for morning, it finally reaches morning and then Ben comes and bites Adrian, and then, Adrian and Ben are both shot, and then as Sarah and Michael wait for along for the rage end, it finally ends after four weeks and soon, civilization returns.

Remake Edit

The film has a remake in filming, it will be released in theaters in 2010.

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