Nightmare City 3D is the remake of the 1980's film in the same title but is shot in 3D.


The Film Starts with a Military Helicopter who is traveling when the Nuclear Acids fell on their city which causes all the people to became a zombie in Down Town City but there where some people who survive the apocalypse and Reporter Dean Miller witness it and try to tell others what happened and the people where not convince so Dean must find his Wife and Daughter at Down Town City before they where killed.

Dean met Officer Robert Cooper, His Brother Joshua Cooper, Young Couples Thomas and Ashley, Sorority Girls Chloe Valentine and Nina, Bestfriends Wendy and Mara, Bachelors Chris McDonald and Jason Smith and Drug Addicted Jesse.

The News came on Betty so she escapes with her son Carl Miller, Patients Mark and Kyle, Porn Addicted Carrie and Cheerleader Megan. Betty with Carl and others encounters a group of Zombies and Megan was Eaten. Dean's group and Betty's Group finally met but encounters a group of zombies which causes Mara's Death and Wendy, Thomas and Ashley to hide in a basement and Ashley was bitten and Ashley killed Thomas while Wendy grabs a Machete and stabs Ashley to Death.

The Group seperated Dean is with Betty and Carl, Officer Robert Cooper is with Chloe and Joshua, Mark is with Wendy and Carrie, Chris is with Olivia and Jason is with Jesse and Nina. Each group leave and goes to each places Dean's Group goes to Hospital to rescue some People, Robert's Group goes to a apartment to rescue some People, Mark's Group goes to a Subway to save some People and Jason's group goes to a School to save some People.

Mark's group finally reach the subway and Carrie finds Kyle running at a stairs but is killed after he fell on stairs and was eaten. Carrie runs until she was grab by a zombie and it bites her in neck causing her death. Wendy and Mark escapes and Carrie goes to the apartment where she finds Robert's Group and trys to kill them but is killed by Robert.

Wendy became paranoid and trys to kill Mark but is failed so she commited suicide by hunging her self. Mark panics and is wet because of rain. A Zombie trys to kill him but it was too late Mark was electrouced with an electrical wire and is eaten.

Dean with Betty and Carl are traveling the hospital until a zombie grabs Carl and trys to bite his neck but is stab in back with an katana by Dean. Carl crys and Betty comforts her. Jason's Group travel the school until Jesse became paranoid and kills Jason. After Jesse killed Jason he also killed himself while Nina watch in Horror. Nina was grab by a Zombie and is bitten in neck.

Dean with Betty and Carl leaves the hospital witnessing the death of Chris and Olivia. Dean with Betty and Carl spots the Helicopter and runs to the apartment. Chloe saw a guy who was injured and Chloe tries to save him while Robert hears the sound of the Helicopter and Chloe trys to save the guy but is killed and Joshua was also killed as well.

The Five calls the helicopter but Chloe is killed by the zombified Nina who trys to kill them but is shoot by Robert. Dean with Betty and Carl was in the helicopter while Robert have his half body eaten and Robert fells on the Helicopter and is eaten while Dean, Betty and Carl survived.


Andrew Lincoln as Reporter Dean Miller

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Nurse Betty Miller

Chandler Riggs as Carl Miller

Ving Rhames as Officer Robert Cooper

Chelan Simmons as Chloe Valentine

Ryan Merriman as Chris McDonald

Texas Battle as Joshua Cooper

Emma Stone as Olivia Anderson

Steven Yeun as Mark

Amanda Crew as Wendy

Jennifer Holland as Nina

Jesse Moss as Jason Smith

Crystal Lowe as Carrie

Meagan Tandy as Megan

Sam Easton as Kyle

Arlen Escarpata as Jesse

Megan Fox as Mara

Dustin Milligan as Thomas

Sara Paxton as Ashley


Name of Victim Cause of Death Killer
Megan Eaten Zombie
Mara Violently slammed on wall and Eaten Zombie
Ashley Neck bitten, stabbed to death Zombie, Wendy
Thomas Eaten Ashley (Zombie)
Kyle Fell on stairs and Eaten Zombie
Carrie Mouth, Arms and Body Eaten, Stabbed to Death Zombie, Officer Robert Cooper
Wendy Hung Herself
Mark Electrouced, Eaten Zombie
Jason Smith Stabbed to Death Jesse
Jesse Throat Slashed Himself
Nina Neck Bitten, Shoot to Death after she kill Chloe Zombie, Officer Robert Cooper
Olivia Anderson Eaten Zombie
Chris McDonald Bitten, Shot Himself to not became a Zombie Zombie, Himself
Joshua Cooper Eaten Zombie
Chloe Valentine Right Eye stabbed with Axe, Fell from Rooftop, Body Splattered on Ground and Eaten Nina (Zombie), Zombie
Officer Robert Cooper Eaten Zombie

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