Nightmare Unleashed: Transcended Bonds(called Haul's epic save the world Spectacular in Japan) is a 50-minute anime film. This film would be considered the first anime film and first ever film of the franchise. The movie was directed by Rick Banner who is CEO of the studio producing the film(Blue Fox Entertainment).


The film starts off with Haul watching a creature engulfing the sky. Haul tells the audience what's happened and what's going on. He tells us that creature is known as the Leviathan. He has been fighting it without end, pulling off every trick he has ever known but all failed. Not even with the help of Haul's brothers made a match against it. The Leviathan was invincible.

The military have been shooting at it with there weapons but with no luck of taking it down.

Later, Haul was then captured. With no hope and in doubt, he had to think, he had to remember. He remembered reading about the Leviathan being a creature with scales made like a suit of armor, making that it inpenetrable but then he thought since he can't attack from the outside, he could attack it from the inside. He began to he began to race towards the brain with really good music song in the background.

Digimon The Movie - Here We Go - Jason Gochin02:26

Digimon The Movie - Here We Go - Jason Gochin

this song is play while Haul races towards the brain

As soon as he reached the brain, Haul got to see the true evil behind it. A demon named Relzbub, Relzbub had white long hair with black skin. His body led down into a sphere containing the true essence of the Leviathan. Relzbub told Haul that his plan were to destroy mankind so that the light wouldn't exist because the light lies inside the hearts of people not the light of day. After saying his plan, Relzbub ordered the bloodcells to open fire on Haul and knock him out cold.

meanwhile, the whole battle was brodcast in the sky like an Aurora. This allowed everyone to see Haul's fall and near death. By now, people lost hope and when in darkness came a light. Angel gave out and cheered Haul on like this is his time to shine.

Now where Haul fell, he began to feel Angel's hope and raised him self up, inraged with the darkness that he stood up and pulled off a power called "SONIC PULSE" which wiped out all the bloodcells and destroyed Relzbub along with the core that he was connected to. The blast's limit maxed out all that would destroy and obliterated everything, soon the Leviathan evaperated into thin air. Haul was last seen falling towards the water and landed upon with a splash of liquid followed by a huge shockwave. after that, he is seen Smiling and saying the words "take that!" while pointing towards the sky.

credit songEdit


Haul:Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch. Originally the role was going to be for Yuri Lowenthal but Johnny was chosen instead.

Angel: Voiced by Natalie Lander.

Relzbub: Voiced by Scottie Ray. Scottie was picked for the role because of his role as Anubis in Yu-Gi-Oh: the movie.

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