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Ninjago is an upcoming stop-motion film directed, produced, written and edited by Starscream7. The film will be an adaptation of part of the Ninjago series presented in a stop-motion movie. It is slated to be released in 2014. This project is not fake. It is a fanmade project and will be released on YouTube.


The film was confirmed in February 2013. Several details have been revealed about it:

  • Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane are all confirmed to appear in the film.
  • Lord Garmadon will be the primary antagonist. Lloyd Garmadon is expected to appear as well, but not as the Green Ninja. Lloyd will be a villain in the film, pursuing the destiny to be evil like his father.
  • The Serpentine will be the villains of the film. The Skulkin are not expected to appear, for the reasons that their roles in the story were not as big as the Serpentine and were not elaborated on enough, but will still exist in the storyline and may be mentioned.
    • Also, not all the Serpentine tribes may appear. The film will feature the Hypnobrai and Fangpyre tribes, although it is possible that the other three tribes will be mentioned.
  • Other characters include Sensei Wu, who will act as the ninjas' guide. Nya is currently not cast in the movie, and it is unconfirmed as to whether or not she will appear. Dareth is also another possibility in the film.
  • The film will be more serious then the original story. Notably, the original, canon storyline still stands and will not be severely changed, but certain things will be modified to make a new look of the story. It is expected to be darker and will explore more of the ninja's origins, including where they came from and possibly their training.

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