No Mercy

(Coming soon)

Debut No Mercy (???)
Availability Starter
Speed A

Darth Raiden

No Mercy is an electrical humanoid that came to Earthand fights monsters, aliens, and mutants that try to kill him.



After defeating all of his enemies, he lurks the world and tries to find any more ultimate bosses that he could defeat.


No Mercy is a genetically mutated deireption of a person three times as smart as Einstein with powers. No Mercy was stuck in space for five years and all the monsters, aliens, and mutants had made it to Earth and wanted revenge on No Mercy.

Battle Quotes

  • "This is just practice for me."
  • "Do I really have to beat you up today?"
  • "I'm wasting my time by fighting trash."
When facing certain characters
  • (when facing Darth Raiden)"I don't feel like beating you. Well, I guess I have to."
  • (when winning against Darth Raiden)"I didn't need to beat you up."
  • (when fighting Ultimo X)"Finally, a real challenge."
  • (when winning against Ultimo X)"Man, I thought you were gonna be better than that."


  • Gives three very fast punches.
  • Gives three fast kicks.
(Many more, but not to be displayed).
Special Attacks
  • Speed of Light: He socks the opponent while he spins around them and gives the opponent with an uppercut.
  • Shocking Force: No Mercy throws a ball of electricity.
  • Chain of Light: No Mercy shoots out tons of electricity.
  • Electrical Push: Does an elecrical shockwave.
  • Face Fracture: Speed boosts up to the opponent giving tons of jabs then a haymaker.
  • Electric Saftey: He gets skinny into a strip and teleports to the other side.
Hyper Combo (Finishers)
  • Brutality of Speed: Grabs the opponent then grabs theopponent and then goes to he view of the opponent and shocks them and then socks them and then the opponent gets laid out while No Mercy walks away.
  • Sparking Fury: Grabs the opponents head and punches then punches all extra fast and then the opponents face is squished in.

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