No Where To Run is an story that features the friends characters.Chandler Bing trys to sort his life out.He trys to win Monica Geller's heart,But fails.He trys to get an job,In Central Perk.However,Zombies overrun the city and Chandler and Joey try to save Monica,But they are forced to save her brother and his girlfriend as well,And they run into Phoebe,Joey's girlfriend.The only place they can hide out,Is Central Perk.


Chandler sipped his coffee,Looking at his best friend Joey."Joey,Can i ask you something",Chandler asked,Which brought Joey back to the world."Yeah",He replyed,Sipping his own coffee."Do you think i should ask Monica out",Chandler was in love with Monica.He had been since the first time he met her."No,You are in the friends zone",Joey replyed without looking at him.

Chandler nodded and read the rest of the newspaper.He did not care what Joey said.He was still going to ask her out."I'm going to the shop",Chandler lied and he walked out of Central Perk.Monica and her brother Ross had moved out.Ross had met his crush Rachel from high school,And they started to date.He hoped that his crush would live happily ever after like they did.

Chandler buzzed the door.Monica had lived in an flat,And she shared it with Ross and Rachel."Hello",Came Rachel's voice from the other end."Chandler here",Chandler replyed."Okay",She let him in.

Chandler walked up the stairs and knocked on the door.Ross answered it and smiled."Long time no see",The two hugged.They had not seen each other in five months."Can i see Monica",Chandler asked nervously."Okay",Ross then called Monica's name."Monica,Chandler wants to see you",Ross let Chandler in and he went to the kitchen.

Monica came out of the bedroom."Hey,Chandler",She said."Mon,Can i speak to you in private",Chandler asked."Sure",Monica smiled and led him in to her bedroom."Can i ask you out,Please",Chandler hoped that she would say yes."I would love to but i'm seeing Richard Burke noe",She knew that Chandler had an crush on her since high school."Oh",Chandler looked down.

Monica touched him and he looked up.She kissed him and he kissed back."Now,Think yourself lucky and leave",She smiled.She knew Chandler was not the sort for her,But she would never hurt his feelings."Okay",He smiled and walked out of the flat.Just then,He bumped into Rachel."Oh,Hey Rach",He smiled and left.Rachel looked at him and went back into her flat.

Chandler was hurt in the inside.He went back to his apartment and saw mail on the the table."I need an job",Chandler moaned.He and Joey were lazy,But Joey's girlfriend was living with them,But now she needed more help to pay the rent now.He knew what job,Central Perk.

Two:First Morning

Chandler had gotten the job.He was an waiter now."Coffee",He asked an elderly woman."Sure',She smiled.Just another half an hour.Then he left."Chandler",Gunther asked him."Yeah",Chandler smiled."Do you know where Rachel stays",He asked.Rachel was once an waitress,But quit after falling in love with Ross.Chandler told him and Gunther said he could go back home,An act that saved his life.

Chandler went into his bed and fell asleap,Not even hearing the sex Joey and Phoebe were making.In the next morning,Chandler woke up and saw Joey watching the tv with Phoebe sleaping next to him."Want an coke",Chandler asked."Why not",Joey replyed,Eyes still on the tv.Chandler opened the fridge door."I'm going to the shop".

Chandler walked to the shop,Not noticeing an woman eating an man in her own garden.Chandler saw an man running from someone."Must be fooling around",Chandler thought.He walked into the store,Not noticeing a pool of blood behind the counter.Chandler opened the door and grabbed an cola and an fanta.Chandler went up to the counter."Sam",Chandler shouted for the shopkeeper.

However,He just gave his money away and walked out,Not even knowing that Nelson got up and slowly crawled out of the store.Chandler walked on back to his apartment,Still not seeing the weird signs that were going on.

"Joey,Here",He threw him the cola.Chandler put his fanta on the counter when someone suddenly knocked on the door."Get it',Joey lazily said as Phoebe woke up.Chandler answered the door and saw an resident,Mr.Heckles,Stareing at him."For the last time,No one is in that apartment so they can't be making any noise",Chandler moaned.In an heartneat,Heckels reached onto Chandler and tried to bite him."JOEY",Chandler shouted.

Joey and Phoebe got up and saw what was happening.Joey ran up to Heckles and kicked him on the face."What did you do",Chandler shouted.Just then,Heckles got up and slowly walked up to them.Heckles went up to bite Joey,But Phoebe grabbed an knife and ran up to Heckles.She stabbed him in the stoamche,Which resulted in him falling down."Oh my god",She moaned.

Just then,Heckles got up,Knife still stuck to him.Chandler pushed him out into the hallway and locked his door.He grabbed the table next to the door and pushed that in front of the door."I'm going to call Ross",Chandler cried out and he went to the phone.


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