Nocturna Sublimina Sepulturum (born Johe Vigde), is a Norwegian musician and composer, best known as the vocalist for the Norwegian black metal/technical metal band Nocturna, and is the only member of the original band alongside guitarist Abyssus (Petr Kristens) and drummer Peter Grukken.


Early years

Johe Vigde was born in 1970 and raised in Notodden, taking vocal lessons at age 11. He originally had no exposure to metal, but in his teen years listened heavily to Black Sabbath and Metallica.

He met 20 year old Petrovin "Petr" Kristens in Notodden at a local metal venue, and the two began to play together. They recruited additional member with Peter Grukken on drums. After the trio Decessum dissolved in the early 90s, the band stuck together and recruited Jonas Henrikten on guitars and Joachim Idved on bass. They became Nocturna, and delivered their 1993 EP "Nutritor Monasteriense". Since Nocturna's inception Johe Vigde has written majority of the songs, while some are jointly written by Abyssus and himself.

1999 murder attempt

In 1999, Nocturna toured on a European leg alongside fellow Scandanavians, Swedish doom metal band Yggdrasill Burning. After Yggdrasill Burning finished a show in Belarus, lead singer Michael Tägtgren was invited by Abyssus to join Nocturna in their green room. Michael Tägtgren became friends with Abyssus and Nocturna Sublimina Sepulturum. As Tägtgren recalls, along with Kristens and Vigde, a middle aged man burst into the green room and demanded autographs. When Vigde refused, the man stabbed him with a 5.2 inch knife, severely injuring Vigde, and putting Nocturna's shows on hold. Vigde was rushed to hospital, but survived, and the attacker, a 25 year old Belarusian man later indentified as Peter Darushenku was arrested and charged.

Personal life

Johe Vigde was married in 2000 and has three children. He listens to a variety of metal, and other music.

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