Nostradamus are an American progressive metal band formed in Chicago, in 1998 by guitarist and vocalist Toni Mirasuki and rhythm guitarist Les Kelly. Mirasuki and Kelly later recruited bassist Josiah Badara and drummer Dan Blackmore. They blend metal with such bands as Genesis, Hawkwind, and Led Zeppelin to create a atmospheric and heavy sound.

The band have released six studio albums, one EP, and a live album since 2001. They have toured the world extensively and have a devoted fanbase, despite not reaching major acclaim or success during their existence. On December 14th 2013, Dan Blackmore left the band shortly after the North American tour for Metamorphic.



Prediction and early success (2001-2005)

Ride the Spiral Against the Bombardment of Technology (2004 - 2006)

Third album and major touring (2007 - 2009)

A Dream Within A Dream and Dirge EP (2009-2010)

Space/Time Continuum/Interim and Nostradamus Live (2011-2012)

Metamorphic and Blackmore's departure (2013 - present)

Nostradamus announced the release date of the sixth studio album, Metamorphic for October 2013 earlier that year, and recorded in Chicago with longtime producer Aaron Hindemarsh. Toni Mirasuki announced that the album would feature keyboards and talkbox, and was heavily inspired by several 1970s bands including Black Sabbath and Deep Purple.



Live albums

  • Here Lie Monoloths: Nostradamus Live (2012)


Band members

Current members

Former members

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