Nova wearing high tech armor and holding an armor piercing rifle

"Terminating... with extreme prejudice!"

Nova is a female protagonist in G.I. Cop hunters. She is one of the most famous cop hunters and one of the most deadliest. Even the most powerful cops don't want to be in her crosshairs. She is armed with an armor piercing rifle that penetrates armor, wore a high tech suit that can cloak and she is authorized to call in airstrikes on designated targets. She joined the cop hunters to avenge the death of her boyfriend. She was locked up by her rival Officer Jenny but was freed to join the cop hunters in their quest of saving the world from the evil cops. Nova also deployed her own special forces unit codenamed: Nova's Special forces.


"Those evil cops committed tons of police terrorism on the people of the world and they shall all pay for what they did to my boyfriend!"

Nova participated in many battles alongside the cop hunters Duke, Snake Eyes and Scarlett from battling Copzilla beast Narud, Nazi Lord Duran, Mega evolved cop Ivan and finally the evil Cop God. Through the final weeks of the war she deployed elite special forces troops of her own which includes elite marines, M1A4 Abrams tanks, Longbow Apaches and King Raptors.


This Nova is similar to the Nova in Starcraft but the difference is the nova in GI cop hunters is a cop hunters commando and a hero while the one in Starcraft is a dominion ghost that serve the formerly evil now good Terran dominion.