Nuadhán are an Irish/Welsh doom/death-doom band from Dublin, Ireland, formed in 1992. The band consists of Brian O'Coughney (vocals), Gábriel Dáeh (guitars, vocals), Peredur y Gwedynn (bass), Kiernan O'Dráhg (drums) and Siobhán Elle Ciernácht (violin, keyboards). The band fuse the death-doom genre of the Peaceville Three with traditional Celtic musical elements, which the latter is at its most obvious on 2004's Requieste. They have released six albums since their debut The Well of Despair, and have toured with such bands as Yggdrasill Burning and Black Widow. Gábriel Dáeh and Siobhán Elle Ciernácht are both members of the folk metal band Tuatha Dé Danann.



EPs, Splits, Live material

  • (1994) The Hopeless Day EP
  • (1997) Winter's Doom EP
  • (1999) The Shattered Antiquity EP
  • (1999) Black Widow/Nuadhán Split
  • (2003) Eternalis EP
  • (2005) Lies Writ Blood EP
  • (2008) An Ode of Solemnness EP
  • (2010) Celtica EP

Band members

Current members
  • Brian O'Coughney - vocals (1992-present)
  • Gábriel Dáeh - guitars, vocals (1992-present)
  • Peredur y Gwedynn - bass (1992-present)
  • Kiernan O'Dráhg - drums (1997-present)
  • Siobhán Elle Ciernácht - violin, keyboards (1999-present)
Former members
  • Abigáil Gáth - violin, keyboards (1992-1999, currently in Mandragoria)
  • Páegh O'Cáoeth - drums (1992-1997)

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