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Name: Nunnally Vi Britannia

Age: 29

Occupation: 99th Empress of Britannia


Nunnally is the younger sister of the 98th emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia. Due witnessing the death of her mother, Nunnally was crippled and blind as a child. But her blindness wore off after her father's death. She is still criplled but she wears special braces on her legs that allow her to walk. She is also a famous knightmare pilot like her mother. Nunnally and Xio Ling don't get along well due to their beliefs of what they want done.




Devilfish is Nunnally's knightmare. Devilfish is a one-of-a-kind Knightmare. It was specially built to go under water and control water. It is invulrenable to lightning and fire. It has claws and forty different guns. It can also fly in the air.

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