The Next Generation
Genre Drama, Sports
Format Teen Drama
Created By Mark Schawhn
Opening Theme I Don't Wanna Be (Laura Izibor)
No. Of Seasons 1
No. Of Episodes 22

OTH or One Tree Hill: The Next Generation is an American teen, young adult television drama created by Mark Schawhn, which will premiere during the summer of 2012, shortly after the series finale of One Tree Hill. The series will jump seven years into the future, where it will follow the lives of a new generation as well as still following our Tree Hill Veterans as they still struggle with the obstacles of adulthood.

Principal CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

  • Chad Michael Murray as Lucas Scott
  • Hilarie Burton as Peyton Sawyer Scott
  • James Lafferty as Nathan Scott
  • Bethany Joy Galeotti as Haley James Scott
  • Sophia Bush as Brooke Davis Baker
  • Austin Nichols as Julian Baker
  • Christina Millian as Renee Bronson
  • Danielle Bisutti as Amanda Landry
  • Matt Davis as Todd Landry

Season 1: 2012Edit

001. "Pilot" 1X01

Jamie is now attending Tree Hill High and being Captain of the Tree Hill Ravens, dating Madison, and having a best friend like Andre, Jamie is living the life, except he's bound to a secret, Nathan and Haley have divorced and Haley has remarried a man named Victor. Meanwhile, after terrible incident, Lily is forced to move in with Lucas and Peyton, whom returned over the course of the missing eight years.

002. "My Kinda Party" 1X02
New to Tree Hill, Carlos and his sister Celia decide to throw a party, a party that gets out of hand. Madison decides to skip the party to spend time with her parents, and Jamie takes it upon himself to flirt with Celia at the party. Meanwhile, Haley faces Nathan's return.
003. "Give Me Everything" 1X03
When Madison wants Jamie to feel like a kept man, she goes to high lengths just to do so. Meanwhile, Nathan continues to try and talk to Haley, who still doesn't want anything to do with him. Elsewhere, Lily starts to bond with Chuck.
004. "Just A Kiss" 1X04
Madison learns that her father is having an affair and turns to Jamie for advice, Jamie, furious that Haley and Nathan are still not talking to one another, decides to skip school with Celia. Meanwhile, Lily and Chuck decide to create a fake relationship to get their social statuses up.
005. "Troublemaker" 1X05
Jamie is stuck choosing between two girls, Madison and Celia, and Celia isn't making it an easy choice. Denise turns to Carlos for help in winning over Andre, but Carlos wants Denise to himself and tries to give her bad advice. Meanwhile, Peyton learns that she is pregnant.
006. "How To Love" 1X06
Denise finally talks to Andre and asks him out, but Andre replies that he can't. Meanwhile, Jamie's and Madison's relationship is on thin ice, especially when Celia continues to tempt Jamie. Lucas is skeptical about Peyton's pregnancy and Victor wants Haley to take out a restraining order against Nathan.
007. "Bad Romance" 1X07
Brooke learns that Felix and Julian are becoming the best of friends. Jamie and Victor are at odds when Jamie over hears what he wants Haley to do. Lucas and Peyton face the odds and keep their hopes up. Meanwhile, Denise learns that Andre's mother has cancer. Lily and Chuck hit a snag in their fake relationship, when they share a kiss they both liked.
008. "Let Them Talk" 1X08
Celia, thinking Jamie doesn't want anything to do with her, decides to go to a party where a man attempts to rape her, but Jamie manages to save her with Madison by his side. Madison then gives Jamie an ultimatum. Chuck and Lily decide to create a rumor that they are having sex. Carlos decides that it's time to let Denise go.
009. "Keep Your Head Up" 1X09
Carlos, realizing Denise will never go for him, decides to try his hand at online dating and manages to find a teenage girl, that wants to meet him in person. Jamie has a choice to make, either Celia or Madison. Andre and Denise go out on their first date. Meanwhile, Lucas and Peyton decide to go visit Peyton's father and Lily and Chuck decide to throw a party.
010. "Here I Am" 1X10
Nathan decides to get an apartment closer to Tree Hill and Victor isn't pleased by this. Julian learns what Felix is trying to do and decides to stop being friends whatsoever. Carlos realizes his match is in her mid-30s and decides to bail. Andre introduces Denise to his mother. Meanwhile, Jamie and Celia spend their day together as boyfriend and girlfriend. Elsewhere, a sulken Madison finds a way to release her pain, by drinking.
011. "Storm" 1X11
Tree Hill is in for a wake up call, especially when a major storm decides to set it's sights on some of the Resident's homes; as the storm approaches a lot of secrets will be revealed and the secret that tore Nathan's and Haley's marriage appart will be brought to the light. Lily tells Chuck about the night that Karen died. Meanwhile, Jamie, Celia, and Madison manage to get themselves stranded at a hotel.
012. "Rolling In The Deep" 1X12
It's the aftermath of a major storm, and everyone's lives have changed, whether it was for better or for worse.
013. "Recovery" 1X13
As one family must deal with a great loss, one must cope with the decision of whether to let go or not. Andre decides to spend the whole day with his mother, due to the fact she is expected to die at the end of the day. Jamie learns that Celia has been keeping a secret away from him, the fact that her mother is trying to get in contact with her. Chuck and Lily start to find themselves falling in love with one another.
014. "Need You Now" 1X14
After learning his mother died, Andre goes MIA for the day and Denise and Jamie go on a wild goose chase looking for him. Meanwhile, Celia and Madison are assigned to work together on the school project and they end up getting into a fist fight. Lily sneaks Chuck upstairs and Lucas catches them and punches Chase.
015. "The Truth Is" 1X15
As Brooke grows closer to Felix, Julian asks Brooke if she is in love with him and she replies yes, and Julian doesn't know where this leaves their marriage. Jamie, Nathan, and Lucas decide to spend some male-bonding time together and Lucas and Nathan talk about the secret they have kept for years. Denise finds it hard to reach out to Andre, especially after his mother's death.
016. "Songs From The Heart" 1X16
After being confront by Jamie about the fight she and Celia had, Madison decides to take her anger out by singing. Carlos and Denise work on their school assignment and decide to interview one another and Carlos reveals that his mother wasn't exactly a mother. Lucas forbids Lily to see Chuck.
017. "Playing In The Shadows" 1X17
A day that will forever plague Andre's life as he deals with his mother's funeral, and he has some startling news for Denise, that he will be moving in with his aunt. Chuck lets his anger get the better of him and he ends up treating Lily like crap. Meanwhile, Jamie tries to not only help Andre, but Madison as well when she learns that her parents divorce was finalized.
018. "The Fame" 1X18
Madison gets discovered by a agent and she faced with a life changing offer. Jamie finds letters that Celia's mother addressed to her and Carlos and tries to persuade Celia to go see her. Denise decides to give Andre the silent treatment, much to Carlos's pleasure, but he convinces her that life is short. Meanwhile, Julian returns to the Davis-Baker residence and he and Brooke are still not on speaking terms.
019. "The Best In Me" 1X19
After returning from visiting Quinn and Clay, Haley returns with Victor and they both face the truth from Nathan. Lucas manages to tell Peyton everything, and she decides to leave for a while. Lily sees Chuck behind Lucas's back and she learns what he is going through. Jamie and Celia pack for a trip as Denise spends Andre's last day in Tree Hill with him. Madison makes her choice, knowing there is nothing left for her in Tree Hill.
020. "Don't Say Goodbye" 1X20
Denise and Andre go through their official breakup and Denise doesn't know if she should go to Madison, who is recovering, with her problems. Meanwhile, Jamie and Celia decide to go take a trip to go see Celia's mother, but it ends in disaster. Elsewhere, Chuck continues to deal with his mother abusive ways.
021. "All About Tonight" 1X21
As Carlos comforts Denise in a time of pain, Madison tries to find it in her heart to pick up the mic again. Jamie and Celia face a snag in their relationship, one that causes for Celia to reveal a Tuggaro family secret. Meanwhile, Lily convinces Lucas to let Chuck stay with them until he can get back on his feet. Elsewhere, Nathan decides to tell Haley the truth about the supposed "affair".
022. "In The Grave Of Your Love" 1X22
In the first season finale, Jamie decides to help Celia spend her seventeenth birthday the way she wants to. Meanwhile, Brooke takes on Julian wanting a divorce. Carlos finally lets Denise know how he feels about her. Madison decides to help Peyton rebuild Tric. Lily and Chuck decide to have sex. Elsewhere, Haley and Nathan have reached a place in their lives where they trust one another, Haley states that she has to sing a song for Nathan, but Victor knocks her out at Karen's Cafe and sets the Cafe on the fire and leaves Haley for dead.

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