Obesession is an novel published in 2004.It is about an woman who is madly in love with an man,and trys to kill his friends and his wife.


Mark and his wife Katie are at dinner.We then see Vera,Mark's co-worker.Vera watches as the two laugh and kiss.She stalks them when they go home.She enters the house and kills Katie and dresses up as her to fool Mark.Mark knotices the differnece and finds Katie's body.Vera kills him and says he should have loved her like she did for him.She leaves the house after making it look like an break in.

Brian gets an promotion and now has Vera has an co-worker.Vera is obesessed about Brian like Mark and stalks him.His wife,Jane is suspicious of Vera and trys to prove she is stalking Brian.

Brian and Jane's child Harry is in need of babysitter and an woman named Frankie offers to look after him.When they go in their date,Vera kills Frankie and cuts out all pictures of Jane.She then holds Harry as her kid and then she leaves him and says if he tells,She will come back to finish him off.Brian and Jane enter the house and Vera sneaks away and hears Jane's screams when she discovers Frankie.

Vera nearly gets the chance to tell Brian she loves him but his friend Mikey interupts and tells him that he is going away to London.They are having an getaway party the next day.Vera cuts Mikey's throat and next his sister Carly.

Brian is getting more and more desparate thinking that an stalker is killing his friends and family.He tells Jane he has to go and drop Harry off at his grandmothers.Jane enters the bedroom and is surprised by Vera dressed up and in Brian and Jane's bed.The two fight and a thing gets the turn of the worse as Vera trys to shoot Jane.The fight ends up in the attic and the to fight.Vera smokes,Knowing that that gas is still on and the house suffers an explosion.

The two are still alive and are fighting.The floor collapses and Vera falls down and hangs on,Asking Jane for help.Jane helps her up but Vera strangles her.Jane breaks free and smashses the window.She crawls out and kicks Vera in the face.Vera smiles as there is no escape but this is for her plan.Jane climbs down the roof and hugs Brian and they watch the house burning down.What they don't see is Vera manageing to escape and she looks at Brian and smiles.




Obesession Chess Brings Death As an child,Vera as builed as she would never have a love life untill she plays chess with an boy.This starts her obesession of killing.

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