Of Loki We Serve, released as av Loki vi tjänar is Sweden, is the second album from Swedish doom metal band Yggdrasill Burning, released on June 18th 1993. It is the first album to feature English vocals, and is the first album released in the US and UK. Of Loki We Serve was released in the UK and US as late as 2000. It is followed by 1994's Æsir. The song "Nine Hundred and Eighty Five" refers to Erik the Red's colonisation of Greenland.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Guden och Kråkan (The God and The Crow)" - 1:25
  2. "I Hans Många Former (In His Many Forms)" - 6:36
  3. "Krona Svarta Rosor (The Crown of Black Roses)" - 10:44
  4. "Cirkeln (Full Circle)" - 8:55
  5. "Nittonhundraåttiofem (Nine Hundred and Eighty Five)" - 11:55
  6. "Evig Vinter (Eternal Winter)" - 12:39
Yggdrasill Burning-Of Loki We Serve

Of Loki We Serve was first issued only in Europe in 1993, in its Swedish translation "av Loki vi tjänar". This version is highly sought after by Yggdrasill Burning fans.

Yggdrasill Burning-Of Loki We Serve Reissue

The 2000 American and UK issue of "Of Loki We Serve", which was unavailable in both countries beforehand. This version is more common than the original 1993 "av Loki vi tjänar" version.

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