Of Stars and Stones is the episode of HBO's original series, Grimwood.


Cindy and Derek enters the city of Sindara where a religious pontifical body kills off outsiders and meanwhile, an injured half elf finds herself with an unlikely rescuer.


  • Cindy Grimwood: Excuse me.

Villager:Say it properly.

Cindy Grimwood: Let me go.

Villager:Not until you apologize properly or maybe i should use your body as an apology.

Cindy Grimwood:(mentally)This guy is really a pain in the ass.

Cindy kneed the guy in the testicles, pulled out a baselard and stabbed the man in the shoulder and kicked him into the path of an incoming carriage which he then got trampled on. The rider of the horses who is leading the carriage didn't react because of the stomping of the horses muffled the cracks of bones and the screams of the man.


Derek Reinhardt: What is it? Is there something over there that you want to show me?

The pixie smiles and nodded its head in response before it flew off toward the center

Derek Reinhardt: What is it now? You want me to follow you still?

The pixie smiled again and flew down the rocky slop that curved inward towards the crater's center.

Derek Reinhardt: Hey wait!

Derek Grimwood: Cindy? Cindy? Is that you?

Cindy Grimwood: Derek, don't! Don't come any closer.

Derek Reinhardt: Cindy, don't worry. It's alright. I'm not gonna hurt you.

Cindy Grimwood: But i might, i was only able to regain control after that blast wave. I don't know how long it'll be before i lose control again!(seeing that Derek wasn't listening and just continued walking towards her, she shouted) DEREK, PLEASE! STOP!

Suddenly a blade was shot through her chest. Cindy's face was contorted in an emotion of shock and surprise. She bit down hard; her teeth clenching as a droplet of blood came down the edge of her mouth. Derek stood there, as he too was shocked at seeing this. The owner of the sword stood behind Cindy with his head down. It was Patrick and his robe is now torn and soaked with blood, as well as his helmet and beard. Patrick twisted the blade, making Cindy cough out blood, much to Derek's horror.

Patrick:I think it would be best if i just killed you off right now. You were right; I should have made sure to kill you off the first chance i had. (twisted the blade, adding more pain to her as he continued to taunt) You have to die: pure and simple! Or you'll not only destroy this forest but nearby cities as well. (slashes through Cindy's side, making the wound deeper)

Cindy screams out in pain as she nearly collapsed on her knees.

Derek Reinhardt:(shouted as he started running towards her) CINDY!

Before he did, Cindy stopped herself and turned around, delivering a powerful round house kick to Patrick's face. The kick shattered his helmet but Patrick still stood as he balanced himself out. However, one of the pieces of his helmet had slashed at his left eye, leaving a scar there and his eye and mouth is bleeding as he closed his eyelids tight shut. They stood inches away from one another. Patrick taunted as he smirked, letting blood trip down his mouth.

Patrick:Is that it, Grimwood? Is that the best you can do?

Cindy isn't.

Balling up her right fist, she delivered a powerful front fist punch to Patrick's chest. The force and power of the punch sent Patrick back, skidding across the ground violently, until he crashed face first into a boulder. Afterwards, Patrick's lifeless body fell to the ground, like a sack of potatoes. Cindy breathed heavily and held her bleeding chest with her hand. Suddenly, she doubled over in pain as she fell to her knees and finally, fell to the ground.

Derek Reinhardt: (whispers)Cindy?

Derek Reinhardt: (mentally)She's still alive!

Derek Reinhardt: Hey. Come on, Cindy! Wake up.

Derek Reinhardt: Don't try to move, You'll only worsen the pain.

Cindy Grimwood:... My chest...seriously this point... in time.

Derek Reinhardt: I know and i'm sorry that i couldn't stop this from happening.

Cindy Grimwood: ...It's not your...fault...Derek. They...they probably would've killed you too...had you stuck around. I really...made a mess...this time, didn't i?

Derek Reinhardt: You mean...? You mean that you really did do this? How can that be?

Cindy Grimwood: I don't know. Whenever something...Gets me angry, scared or even gets my hatred flowing to a certain point... i go completely nuts. When it happens, it's's like something is controlling me...controlling my movements...acting on its own free will. When the power takes over...horrible things happen...people end up getting hurt... or worse... all because i can't control it... now that it's at full force... it's becoming impossible. Now there's nothing i can do about it...except watch helplessly as this monster inside of me uses my body like a weapon.

Derek Reinhardt: Shhhh, It's alright.

Derek sprung forward, pinning the stranger to the ground. A feminine voice cried out in pain as he crushed her against the grass. Slowly, he drew his short sword, pressing the blade to her throat as he reached up to pull her mask and hood down. The face behind the mask was tan skin with dark eyes and long dirty blonde hair.

Derek Reinhardt: Rat bastard, you've been following us for weeks. Do you seriously think we haven't noticed? I want to know what you're after. Spill it now and i may not take my time killing you.

Alisandra: T-This wasn't supposed to happen. I'm just... I'm just a lowly thief!

Derek Reinhardt: But that doesn't explain why you've been following us all this time.

Alisandra: Because, I... you're... you're a Reinhardt. I saw your crest one day. And for the lady, she has gold!

Cindy Grimwood: So, you wanted to rob us? Is that it?

Derek Reinhardt: You're a shitty ass thief for thinking those methods would get you anywhere.

Alisandra: I'm just a middle child of an elf woman and a human farmer! This life... this isn't what i wanted! I beg of you, let me go!

Derek Reinhardt: Ah, fuck... why you little piece of shit...

Alisandra: If you're gonna kill me. Just do it...

Derek Reinhardt: I ain't gonna kill ya. Get that shit of your fucking head.

Let's have it then.

An earthly looking man piled with muscle, was dressed in patchwork leather armor that covered most of his pale gray blue skin. His greasy black hair was haphazardly pulled to the back of his head and two small tusks protruded from his mouth, displaying an orcish heritage.

Vadik the Violent:(mentally)I should devour her.

Vadik bend over the half elf and his hand moved to the pulse at her neck. The hard claw of his thumb rested dangerously against the hollow of her throat and he pressed it gingerly to the pale skin there. A dark drop of blood welled up, but

Vadik the Violent:(mentally)Her skin is like paper, I would just need a little more pressure to end her worthless life. How long had it been since i've spoke to another soul? Three or maybe four years? Even then, it was to be rejected by a small tribe of goblins. They had sent me back out into the wild alone, despite my lengthy search for other Orcs and my pitiful pleading at their doorstep. Though i felt murderous at the time, i supposed i couldn't blame them entirely. The Orcs had never bothered to carry any favor with the other Orcish breeds, especially the smaller ones. Besides, if she becomes a bother, i could always eat him.

Alisandra:(mentally)Why would an Orc go through the trouble to save me at all? Unless it wants me healed for some other, unwholesome purpose.

Alisandra: Why are you keeping me here?

Vadik the Violent:Who's keeping you anywhere?

Vadik the Violent:Go. If you want to go, but don't come crying to me when the wolves have had you! Here i thought you might be decent company.

Vadik the Violent:Stubborn fool. Your going to kill yourself.

Vadik the Violent:You must've given your mom no end of trouble.

Vadik the Violent:(muttered)Ungrateful.

Derek, look at this. Isn't it curious?

Circe Grimwood: I...well... thank you. (in a soft tone as she looked back at Derek with wide eyes)What gave you the idea to do that? I had no idea you had clairvoyance.

Derek put a hand onto his waist passively.

Derek Reinhardt: I don't. It's just that i had a nightmare eerily like this. I think someone is trying to tell us something. Seems like this whole forest is filled with black magic or something. (rubbed the back of his neck in a slightly aggravated manner) Who knows what might've happened if we stayed asleep for any longer.

I believe that the next city is. I'm not sure how i feel about going there with what's happening in the world right now.

Circe Grimwood: Do you reckon anyone will be alive?

I doubt that we'll find anyone alive, but i'm almost sure that we'll find the undead there...more of them than before.

Cindy Grimwood: Did the monsters honestly do this?

Derek Reinhardt: I would've agreed if it wasn't for this. (slowly leaned down and picked up a small doll from the rubble on the ground) I think the people here tried to break out, but i don't think they got very far. Perhaps that was some of the more desperate people we met in Messina.

Cindy collapsed over onto her knees in front of the slightly shattered building, she buried her face in her hands as Derek stood by her side, looking up at the orphanage and placing a hand onto her shoulders.

Derek Reinhardt: Cindy, I-

Cindy whipped around with angry tears streaming down her face and her eyes glowed red. Her face looked hysterical.

Cindy Grimwood:(yells)Listen to me! When we find that son of a bitch, promise me that we will give him his final death.

Derek Reinhardt: Heard you loud and clear.(puts his hand out to Cindy, she slowly takes it as she wiped her eyes with her arm) But we've still got to get through tonight before we can even think about that. One night at a time, Cindy. As for now. (looks at the sky) Night is falling quickly again. C'mon, let's get out of the dark before we both loses our legs or something.

Vadik the Violent: What does it looks like i'm doing?

Alisandra: I don't know, I'm not looking.

Vadik the Violent: Well, if you looked then you wouldn't need me to tell you, zanbaur (idiot).

Alisandra: You aren't clothed.

Vadik the Violent: What does that have to do with anything?

Alisandra: It isn't decent!

Alisandra: I don't see what's so funny...

Vadik the Violent: That's what you have your hackled up over? Afraid of a big dick and a pair of balls.

Vadik jiggled his testicles as he said that, despite the fact that Alisandra wasn't looking

Vadik the Violent: Skai! (Alisandra flinched at his outburst) It's not made from the bones of human children! (laughs) It's mostly tree oil, nothing nasty.I'll admit it's not much. Didn't have much luck in hunting today and no sense breaking into our stores too early. I'll have to range a little further tomorrow. Now that you've got your wits about, ain't got to worry about leaving you all day.

Alisandra: Our stores?

Vadik the Violent: For the winter.

Alisandra: The winter! What makes you think i'm staying here through the fucking winter?

Vadik the Violent: You planning on hobbling through the forest on your own, then? You can barely sit up as it is.

Alisandra: I thought, since you were being so altruistic, you would help me out of the forest yourself. I certainly would not want to put you through any more trouble than i already have.

A brief hurt look passes across the orc's features before he dropped his gaze to the bowl in his lap.

Vadik the Violent:(mumbles)Ain't no trouble.

Alisandra: How long have you been alone here?

Vadik the Violent: This'll be my fourth winter.

Alisandra: So you meant what you said about thinking that i would be good company?

Vadik's mouth twitched into a half smile as he stared into the fire

Vadik the Violent: And here i though you weren't listening.

Alisandra: I apologize...(Vadkik stared at her with a baffled expression) For striking you.

Vadik the Violent: Go on, i gave you a fair cut for it. We'll call it even.

Alisandra nodded and slurped some of the broth from her bowl.

Voice Cast

Amanda Seyfried- Cindy Grimwood

Chris Hemsworth- Derek Reinhardt

Ashley Greene- Alisandra

Hafbor Julius Bjornsson- Vadik the Violent