The Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (O.S.I.R.) is a clandestine organization that conducts covert scientific operations.


This clandestine private organization researches, develops and investigates a variety of scientific applications, technologies and research in medical, geophysical/environmental/atmospheric and defense/military applications. Among the many next-generation advanced specialized departments in this organization, the "Phenomenology Department" is without a doubt the most extraordinary. It is this department that took on the identity and name of "The Office of Scientific Investigation and Research" (O.S.I.R.). This department internationally researches, experiments, investigates and assesses all types of "Anomalous Phenomena", or to the layperson; paranormal and supernatural phenomena, as well as unusual phenomena of all types, including: haunt and poltergeist phenomena, UFO encounters of every type, cryptozoological phenomena (i.e. strange creatures), demonic possessions and exorcisms, anomalies of every kind including rare geophysical phenomena and psi phenomena (i.e. near death experiences, clairvoyance, astral projection, reincarnation, telepathy, etc.).

The organization was originally formed as a byproduct of a government "black program project" in the mid to late 1940s. The organization then officially restructured itself as a private company to keep its autonomy and to alter its various corporate cover identities at least once every ten years. Like many black programs, it is conjectured that the organization has several "front" or "cover identity" companies at its disposal by which to operate through and maneuver from. Under the most previously used company name and most commonly known, The Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (O.S.I.R.), the organization went overt from 1990 through 2000 with an unknown agenda. The organization opened a "Public Affairs Department", manned by seven official operatives, who interacted directly with the public and media. It was initially suggested that the group became overt to defuse any global "Armageddon" concerns surrounding the year 2000, however this conjecture was never confirmed by the organization. While overt, the O.S.I.R. was featured in hundreds of television and radio programs, including everything from NBC Network News to National Geographic Explorer.

At the beginning of 2000, the organization closed their Public Affairs Department and dissolved their corporate cover identity of O.S.I.R. and immersed back into its covert status, presumably under another cover identity.

Because of O.S.I.R.'s unlimited funds, they utilize the top experts and state-of-the-art next-generation super technology, many of it prototype and experimental. The organization operates above and beyond any and all government and international laws. Because the organization has its own agenda, it does not have any responsibility to supply or share its operations, research or discoveries with any outside entities (i.e. governments, scientific community, etc.).

With a communications network established throughout every aspect of corporate/ business, government, religion and society in general, and a global surveillance and intelligence collection network rivaling even the National Security Agency's, the O.S.I.R. has the ability to covertly locate, contain, research/analyze any type of phenomena imaginable.

Because of the organization's incomparable all-encompassing power, they have often been mistaken for many of the elusive mysterious groups that fuel conspiracy theorists. In addition, it is conjectured that the O.S.I.R. are the elite ultra top secret "independent contractors", usually brought-in to conduct research, investigations and special operations/projects which require the highest level of secrecy, while allowing the organization to have unlimited international authority, answering no to one.


The primary conglomeration organization is composed of several other organizations that does the following:

  • Researches, develops and investigates new applications and technology in the medical field.
  • Researches, develops and investigates a variety of new scientific applications, technologies and research in the defense and military fields.
  • Researches, develops and investigates new theories and applications dealing with atmospheric and meteorological fields.

While there are at least eleven more organizations/companies composed of the primary organization, our emphasis and focus is on the "Phenomenology Division" (O.S.I.R.).

  • The O.S.I.R. is a private agency that researches, experiments, investigates and assesses all types of "anomalous phenomena". To the layperson, anomalous phenomena includes all types of paranormal and supernatural phenomena, metaphysics and parapsychology, etc. This includes: haunt and poltergeist phenomena, UFO encounters of every type, cryptozoological phenomena, possessions and exorcisms, psi phenomena (i.e. near death experiences, clairvoyances, astral projection, reincarnation, telepathy), undefinable earth mysteries and anomalies of every kind including rare geophysical phenomena.


Unknown number of Executive Members

Director of Operations
-- Deputy Director of Operations
Director of Intelligence and Information Management
-- Deputy Director of IIM
Director of Security, Containment Enforcement & Protective Measures
-- Deputy Director of SCEPM
Director of Research And Development
-- Deputy Director of R&D
Director of Technical Support
-- Deputy Director of Technical Support
Director of Administration
-- Deputy Director of Administration
-- Deputy Director of Recruitment/Human Resources

The following Operatives and Personnel are contained within the majority of the previously mentioned departments of O.S.I.R.:

Case/Mission/Project Manager
Field Investigator/Researcher
Lab Researcher/Technician

Operatives with O.S.I.R. cover ever discipline imaginable, from Astrophysics to Genetics, from Anthropology to Microbiology, from Neuropsychiatry Zoology.

Administrative Assistant

The exact total number of Operatives and Personnel are unknown, but it is speculated that O.S.I.R. itself (not including the other sister organizations additionally composed of the primary conglomerate) is composed of more then 1,000 Operatives and Personnel.


The overall primary agenda of O.S.I.R. or its parent conglomeration is unknown.

An independent non-governmental agency, the O.S.I.R. is primarily funded by its revenues made by new advanced technologies and high-tech applications utilized by both the private sector and the primary consumer market. Additional financing is specially supplied in extreme confidence by a select few corporations, anonymous individuals (such as high-ranking government officials and CEOs of corporations) and entities who wish to explore these extraordinary areas in confidence without the concern of oversight of any type.

The O.S.I.R. initiates the majority of investigations/research/projects based on their own surveillance and intelligence collection of events transpiring globally. A few select events of interests/cases are accepted through an elite private referral base, with situations/events being forwarded through a specially designed clandestine network of communications established internationally through law enforcement/intelligence entities, physicians/medical entities, religious organizations/clergy, community leaders and universities. Additionally, an unknown number of investigations/experiments/projects are proposed internally by individual operatives/researchers and scientific think-tanks set-up within the organization.

Ongoing O.S.I.R. Operations include:
Case Investigations
Special Projects
Special Operations
Special Experiments
Special Research
Scientific Development and Applications

Each of these are specially designated to deal with specific types of "situations/events" with dozens of operations taking place simultaneously within each category.

In the case of "Case Investigations", operatives are selectively chosen and assembled by Operations according to the needs of the situation.

For "Case Investigations", each and every investigation must be composed of a complete procedural complement of investigators in order for it to qualify as an “official investigation” and meet all requirements containing the proper scientific controls and follow the necessary scientific protocol. Usually, for a case investigation spanning the required 72 hours, a minimum of eight field investigators are assigned spanning a general overview of disciplines (NOT INCLUDING SECURITY, ADMINISTRATIVE, TECHNICAL AND TRANSPORTATION SUPPORT): -- Case Manager (with his own expertise, but not accepted to full protocol requirements due to the magnitude and nature of his responsibilities)

-- Psychologist -- Psychiatrist (not as mandatory as the team Psychologist, but standard for all cases) -- Physician (typically an Internist or Neurologist) -- Chemist -- Physicist -- Electrical Engineer (and Structural Engineer) -- Geophysicist or Earth Sciences Expert -- Security Coordinator

If the Case Manager acquisitions another team, each additional team will consist of an identical compilation of experts and scientists as the original team. For example, if the original team had 16 investigators, each with a different discipline/expertise, then the additional teams will also have 16 investigators with duplicate areas of expertise. Each additional team will be assigned a unit title to correspond to the order in which they were assigned. In that event, the original team will be termed, "Alpha Team", the second team would be titled, "Bravo Team", the third team, "Charlie Team", and the fourth team, "Delta Team", etc..


Much like the National Security Agency (NSA), operatives are the best in their field of expertise from around the world, recruited from corporations, government agencies and universities. Unlike the NSA, operatives are paid quite well. No one applies to the O.S.I.R. for a position. Recruiters (representing a nondescript corporate entity) discretely approach you with interest only after they have already conducted thorough background assessments (on the candidate, their family and all associations, as well as any and all locations and "situations" of interest) and covert "psychobiological analysis". Upon accepting the offer for a "lab and/or field technical position", the organization places the candidate through a rigorous course of "general tests" (psychological, physiological, etc.) which lasts in upwards of three months. Once the candidate has passed these "general tests", they then begin with an "introductory training" that covers a variety of disciplines, including electrical engineering, psychology (behavioral, cognitive, etc.), linguistics, computer sciences, biology, physical education and chemistry, just to name a few of the full compliment of classes/instruction. In addition to giving the candidate a refreshment course, many of these classes are designed to test the abilities of the candidate. Additionally, each week, every candidate must go through a psychological and physiological evaluation. After an additional six months of classes, the candidate moves into the final phase of training.

The next six months of training focuses on "real world applications" of instruction and include, survival training (wilderness training, hand-to-hand combat, weaponry, etc.), applications and operational instructions of specific technology, comprehensive linguistics, advanced covert information/intelligence collection (surreptitious entry, exit and surveillance, electronic surveillance, etc.), unstable environmental counter-measures, advanced psychobiological reprogramming and conditioning, methods of interrogation, just to name a few of the many advanced classes/instruction. Additionally, psychological and physiological evaluations are now given at the start and completion of each day.

Upon completion of this final phase of training, the candidate is given a "case/operation" which will put to test all aspects of training, as well as test the degree of control that the candidate has over their personal "objectivity" and effectiveness toward the "Observer Effect". It is only after passing this “case/operation” that the candidate is then accepted fully as a new recruit. The candidate is then processed through additional security measures and if they qualify, are given the option of either maintaining their traditional overt lifestyle and work/profession situation while working with the organization on a variable schedule OR terminating all lifestyle contacts/relationships and previous work/business contacts and immersing into a complete clandestine covert state exclusively with the organization on a full-time basis. The candidate's security level is assessed and evaluated and then assigned accordingly with various field and/or lab investigations, research, projects and experimentation to obtain "in-the-field" experience as an operative. "In-the field" experience is ongoing and will involve additional tradecraft and methods, tactics and counter-measures that are utilized by the organization that have allowed them to conduct their operations and research in secret for so many years.

Scientific protocolsEdit

Methodology of "pure science"Edit

It is crucial to keep in mind that every aspect of O.S.I.R.'s operations, investigations, research and experimentation complies with their primary directive of adhering to the dynamics of the "Observer Effect".

By applying and interfusing three areas of research: 1) "quantum mechanics theories" put forth by Heisenberg and Schrödinger in elaborate next-generation research 2) "chaos theories" initially put forth by such scientists as Poincare and later Feigenbaum 3) "butterfly effect" first analyzed by Lorenz, a team of brilliant physicists created a "method" of scientific investigation that is unparalleled in the world today, making these scientists the "parents" of "Pure Science". This new breakthrough methodology was interfused into every aspect of O.S.I.R.'s prime directive in conducting all investigations, research and experimentation. Utilizing next-generation technology, they produced extraordinary conclusions surrounding the "Observer Effect" that the organization was able to document and duplicate that consequently caused them to re-invent the traditional "empirical scientific method", engineering a newer, more advanced, clinical and fool-proof method of conducting scientific analysis.

What is the OBSERVER EFFECT? In quantum mechanics we learn that the behavior of the very smallest objects (like electrons, for example) is very unlike the behavior of everyday things like baseballs. When we throw a baseball at a wall, we can predict where it will be during its flight, where it will hit the wall, how it will bounce, and what it will do afterward. When we fire an electron at a plate with two closely spaced slits in it, and detect the electron on a screen behind these slits, the behavior of the electron is the same as that of a wave in that it can actually go though both holes at once. This may seem odd, but its true. If we repeat this experiment lots of times with lots of electrons, we see that some positions on the screen will have been hit by many electrons and some will have been hit by none. The observed "interference pattern" for these electrons is evidence of their dual wave-particle nature, and is well described by thinking of each electron as a superposition of two "states", one that goes through one slit, one that goes through the other. To add to this already mysterious behavior, this interference will only happen if both possible paths that the electron can take are not distinguishable. In other words, if we could somehow tell which slit the electron went through each time, we would no longer get the interference. The act of making a measurement of the electrons path fundamentally changes the outcome of the experiment. These theoretical concepts have been scientifically proven to also apply to behavioral dynamics in regards to the perception of the environment and/or experiment itself. In one of the many university experiments conducted, several control groups consisting of different mindsets/paradigms (from skeptics to openly blind-believers) were placed into a rigged environment. Of the control groups who "believed" to some degree, they affected the dynamics of the environment (from "imagining" events taking place to somehow anomalously manifesting the events subconsciously). Of the control groups who were complete "skeptic" to some degree, they also affected the dynamics of the environment (from cognitively/perceptively refusing to process the actual events taking place to somehow anomalously affecting the environment and therefore the experiment, impeding the preset mechanical dynamics). This proved that it is indeed improbable, if not impossible, to separate the physics of consciousness and the physical world of matter.

Recognizing this conclusion, one could apply a variety of next-generation dynamics/techniques/methodologies (technology and "psychobiological interfacing") to "control" (sterilize) the "Observer Effect" variable, thereby enhancing the "pure results/conclusions".

Investigative & research protocols/proceduresEdit

A strict chain-of-command and flow of information/data is pivotal to each and every case investigation, operation/project, research study and experiment that is conducted. The O.S.I.R. utilizes their unparalleled one-of-a-kind scientific protocol and technique to allow all operatives (scientists, investigators, analysts, etc.) to properly observe, analyze and assess the situation.

The following is the official O.S.I.R. standard scientific protocol for "field case investigations and research". The actual order and degree of protocol and procedural steps will accommodate and cater according to the theoretical nature, frequency and dynamics of phenomena in question.


  • IIM (Intelligence and Information Management) collects information on the specific event/situation based on their global sweeping process OR from a confirmed referral contact within the established O.S.I.R. referral network. Oversees the initiation of case investigation, ensuring the control of all information, including the dissemination of mis/dis-information.
  • CEU (Containment Enforcement Unit) operatives control all aspects of the event/situation and ensure complete "scientific comtrols".
  • Security/background assessment performed on perspective subjects and/or location.
  • Assembly: Several phases, including;

-- Determination of scientific control Power.
Case Manager, all Operatives and Primary Subjects are fully debriefed regarding case dynamics.
Case Manager and all Operatives are fully debriefed regarding case dynamics, with Primary Subjects temporarily "blind" per Case Manager's discretion.
Case Manager and all Operatives are fully debriefed regarding case dynamics, keeping Primary Subjects "blind".
Case Manager is fully debriefed, keeping all Operatives and Primary Subjects "blind".
Case Manager, all Operatives and Primary Subjects are all "blind".
- Assigning of Case Manager and issuance and requisition of equipment and personnel.
- Psychological and physiological examination of all operatives (investigators, researchers, technical support, etc.).
- Assembly and debriefing of O.S.I.R. team members according to control status.

  • Containment and Execution of Scientific/Security Directives
  • Preliminary Interview and Confirmation of Case Objective.
  • Circumstantial Assessment and On-Site Inspection.
  • Psychological Assessment.
  • Physiological Assessment.
  • Environmental Assessment.
  • Historical, Archival and Security background checks on ALL individuals, properties and related elements.
  • Environmental and/or Biophysical Monitoring and Surveillance of Phenomena

- Ongoing surveillance monitoring/testing
- Application of "phenomenology dynamics"
- Eradication, Termination and/or Correction Process

  • Case Investigation Termination

- The IIM and CEU coordinate with Case Manager and other operatives in applying various methods (both psychological and biological) to ensure that all subjects will be unable to devulge any aspect of the operations and/or experiences.
- Assembly and debriefing of O.S.I.R. team members according to control status.
- Debriefing to Operations by Case Manager
- Psychological and physiological examination of all operatives (investigators, researchers, technical support, etc.).

Use of technologyEdit

In order to perform the most meticulous and thorough investigation, O.S.I.R. utilizes only the most advanced technology in the world today to analyze and monitor the environment, the subjects and the phenomena or element in question.

Every aspect of the environment and any applicable subjects are analyzed and monitored utilizing every possible known scientific method. This policy of O.S.I.R. is required in order for it to be qualified as an official investigation. Recognizing that no credible, "complete" or properly assessed situation would be appropriately assessed by only a few means of technology, ALL types and variations of technology must be applied to every situation to properly assess ALL DYNAMICS (physiology of subjects, all aspect of environment – atmospheric, chemical, electromagnetic, radiological, acoustical, etc.) in order to come to a scientifically accurate conclusion. Additionally, diagnostics are performed on ALL equipment before, during and after its use and after each analysis and logging of data in order to confirm the accuracy, preciseness and veracity of the information.

With an unlimited budget, O.S.I.R. analyzes every imaginable aspect of the environment, as well as the subjects in every case investigation. While much of the technology utilized is new next generation monitoring equipment NOT readably available to the private or government sector, traditional consumer technology is also utilized including everything from the 'UMo' LB 123 Universal Monitor to the LASAIR II 550Lasss, from the G-856 Proton Magnetometer to the Midac AM Open Path FTIR Monitoring System, from the AI 3200 Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer to the Agilent (HP) 70810B Optical Spectrum Analyzers.

Every second of each case investigation is documented by every means of technology available. From ITT Nightvision Gen3 systems to ThermaCAM S65HSV Infrared Thermovision, from Storz Fiber/Borescope systems to Pori Microwave Imaging. In addition to the hundreds of digital/analog video and film cameras documenting every visual and audible aspect of every cross-angle of the environment of each situation, each operative (and in some cases, subjects) are additionally equipped with high-definition/resolution mini-cameras.

Additionally, every operative (and any and all subjects) is wired/equipped with remote physiological monitoring sensors and telemetry that continuously documents all physiological characteristics (EEG, EKG, EMG, etc.) of each individual throughout each case/operation wherever they are.

In addition to the unlimited resources of state-of-the-art technology to monitor and analyze every aspect of the environment, subjects and theoretical phenomena, O.S.I.R. applies an unlimited compliment of technical support that allows their transportation, surveillance/monitoring/communications and access to other technical support and unlimited resources in every country in the world.

Phenomena investigated/ResearchedEdit

Because O.S.I.R. follows the strictest scientific protocols, all phenomena is defined only in terms of its "anomalous characteristics". Commonly used layperson-terms describing phenomena according to belief systems are not used by operatives (i.e. poltergeist phenomena – moving objects, blasts of air, inexplicable sounds, etc. is defined by O.S.I.R. as "anomalous kinetic/environmental activity"). While O.S.I.R. does not utilize the following terminology, the following list of the various types of "paranormal phenomena" they investigate uses more commonly known definitions:

-- Anomalous Phenomena (crop circles, raining worms, time/special distortions, etc.)

-- Cryptozoology (documenting of unknown or undefinable creatures, from Bigfoot to sea monsters)

-- Extraterrestrial/Close Encounters/UFO Phenomena

-- Haunt/Poltergeist Phenomena

-- Possession/Exorcisms

-- Miracles/Divine Intervention Phenomena

-- Psi/Psychic Phenomena (everything from astral projection to psychokinesis)

-- Supernatural/Metaphysical Phenomena (everything from ancient mystical rituals to reincarnation)

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