Season 5 of Oggy and the Cockroaches (French: Oggy et les Cafards) is a rumored Season which would probably be broadcasted after Season 4 finishes. It marks another revival of the original (1998-2008) and the revived series (2012 - present) of Oggy and the Cockroaches. It will feature 100 episodes.

Episode name/french


Plot summary Happy Ending (Oggy or Cockroaches #

Monica and the Cockroaches

(Monica et les Cafards)

Oggy hires Monica to guard the house. But the cockroaches have plans to interrupt Monica's actions

(NOTE:This is The First Time that Monica Meets The Cockroaches.)

Cockroaches 262

Bomb Keepers

(Gardiens Bombe)

Oggy finds a nuclear bomb under his house and calls the police and army about this. But the cockroaches threaten to detonate the bomb. Will Oggy call the police and amry to keep the bomb or will the cockroaches destroy Peaceville? Cockroaches 263

Out of Luck


Oggy calls Jack to exterminate the cockroaches. But Dee Dee, Marky and Joey have a powerful cockroach to avoid being exterminated. Both 264

Jack or Jill

(TV Ennuis)

Jack is watching TV. But the cockroaches always do something bad to the TV (e.g. exchanging channels, cutting off the cable cord and breaking the screen). (Note: Oggy is seen briefly in this episode) Oggy 265

Oggy Goes Shopping


Oggy goes to the newly built NW Mall to go shopping. But the cockroaches try to ruin his shopping. Cockroaches 266

Fairy for a Cockroach

(Francaise de fees)

Oggy finds a fairy inside a magic eight ball while playing pool (resembles Wanda from FOP). And now, the cockroaches have more danger of wishes about exterminating them! Cockroaches 267
Oggy's Pet Rabbit Cockroaches 268
Constellation Calamity Jack takes up Stargazing to re-find the Felis Constellation, but like always the roaches will get in the way. Jack 269
Uppercrust Vs. Pizza Crust Oggy gets a job at a pizza restaurant, but when the roaches try to get some pizza as well, and a snooty restaurant threatens to put the pizza business out of business... Both (Mostly the Cockroaches) 270
Monica's Harmonica Monica's Harmonica is missing (It was stolen by the Cockroaches) so She asks Oggy and Olivia to help find it. Oggy 271
Medieval Evil Oggy and Olivia have fun at a Medieval Fair, but We all know the Cockroaches will try to ruin Their fun Both (Mostly Oggy and Olivia) 272
Immortal Issues Seeing a seeing a TV Study that Cockroaches are immortal, They try to pester Oggy, without realizing the consequences... Both (Except Joey) 273