Olaf Sigurd (b. 12 July 1790, Reykjavik- d. 5 October 1830, Sigurdsen Palace, Reykjavik) was the first King of Iceland (1814-1830), Duke of Reykjavik (1814-1830) and Prince of Stonslost (1790-1814). He is also known as Olaf the Liberator, due to his unification of Iceland as a kingdom.

Olaf was born on the 12 July 1790 in Reykjavik, the son of Peter Sigurd (c. 1740-1802) and Helena Schapovka (c. 1744-1816). His father was a nobleman of the fortress Stonslost, and after his birth Olaf became the first Prince of Stonslost, acknowledged by the public. Following his father’s death in 1802, Olaf took control of the Sigurd House, and gathered his supporters, referred historically as Sigurdists, and in 1814 he was elected king of Iceland, not without the opposition. He was crowned at the newly built Sigurdsen Palace on June 8 1814, known by his full title as His Royal Majesty Olaf Sigurd, King of Iceland, Duke of Reykjavik and Head of the House Sigurd.

He was married to his first wife, Xenia Baronovxa in July of 1816, and in 1818 their first child Jon was born at Sigurdsen Palace. Xenia died of tuberculosis two years later in 1820, and in 1821 Olaf married Johanna Gundsen. Together they had three children; Erik (b. 1823), Johanna Reykjavika (b. 1825) and Johann (b. 1827). Olaf died in 1830, aged forty, under mysterious circumstances. He was succeeded by his wife Johanna for a brief interim of five years until his son Jon became the next king.

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