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Marechiyo Omaeda
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Note: The following is fanwork based on the character belonging to Kubo Tite who appears in BLEACH, in laymans terms, it is MY version of this character.

Marechiyo Ōmaeda (大前田 希千代, Ōmaeda Marechiyo) is the lieutenant of the Second Division, under Captain Soifon. He is also the Corps Commander of the Patrol Corps in the Onmitsukidō.


Marechiyo Ōmaeda is a large man (almost twice the height of his captain, and just over four times her weight). He claims that he is plump, which is a sign of his good living and wealth. He has black hair, and wears the standard Shinigami robes with a large purple collar. He is often seen wearing expensive, personalized jewelery.


Ōmaeda is an arrogant and dull man. He is cowardly, loud, vain, elitist, snobbish, greedy, and sluggish. Contradicting his normal behaviors and mannerisms he is exceedingly loyal to his captain, to the point that he is willing to fight along with his captain against enemies a lot stronger than him; his willingness to take an attack aimed at his captain, act as a temporary decoy, and cut off Soifon's arm at her request shows that Marechiyo holds a great deal of loyalty to his captain. Despite his arrogance, he has shown himself to be deceptively sharp in combat enough to catch his opponents off-guard.

He likes to eat fried rice crackers (abura senbei) wherever he is. His captain is known to beat him up when the crumbs from the crackers fall on her hair. It is also known however, that he does not like fish.[1]

Marechiyo is shown to come from a rich family. As is typical of many rich families, he has a long name, Marechiyo Yoshiayamenosuke Nikkōtarōemon Ōmaeda (大前田 日光田郎右衛門 美菖蒲介 希千代, Ōmaeda Nikkōtarōemon Yoshiayamenosuke Marechiyo). His father is named Marenoshin, his mother is Mareka, his older sister is Maremi, his younger brother is Marejirōsaburō, and his younger sister is Mareyo. With the exception of his younger sister, all closely resemble him. Mareyo is more normal looking and sweet, which shocks Izuru Kira, Renji Abarai, and Shūhei Hisagi. Marechiyo thinks his younger sister is ugly. It is also remarked here that he enjoys inviting commoners to his home, probably only to show off his wealth. He is often taken advantage of by his fellow Lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi, who often comes and eats Marechiyo's extra food when he is low on cash.

Marechiyo's specialty is making bracelets, as he can craft gold. All the jewels seen on him are made by himself. He owns a factory named "Ōmaeda Gem-Precious Metals Factory", which makes jewelery. He fries any slacking workers with his yet unknown ability, the "Marechiyo Chop".

Being rich, he was able to install the 2nd Division quarters with floor heating, automatic doors and cooling/heating system.

Powers & Abilities

Mighty Spiritual Power:

Kidō Practitioner: As a lieutenant, Ōmaeda has enough of an understanding of Kidō spells to cast at least a Level 21 Kidō without its incantation. However, he admitted outright that he is not good at using Kidō.[48]

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Ōmaeda is skilled enough in swordsmanship to hold his own in battle and in extension is also quite proficient using a flail. He was capable of fighting on equal ground with an Arrancar of lieutenant-level.

Flash Steps Expert: Ōmaeda, being a member of the Onmitsukidō, is quite skilled with flash steps.[50]

Subterfuge Expert: Ōmaeda is thought to be inept and slow. It turns out he is quite fast as he is an expert in flash steps as well as being proficient in combat and making his opponents question his abilitiesZanpakuto

Gegetsuburi (五形頭; Viz "Five Heads"; "Five-Formed Head"): It is a normal katana with a bright yellow handle and a brass octagonal-shaped guard with two square notches on opposite sides. Kept by his side through his waist tie.


Shikai: Its Shikai command is "Crush" (打っ潰せ, buttsubuse). In its Shikai, Gegetsuburi transforms into an oversized spiked ball attached to a long chain, similar to a flail, allowing for it to be thrown at a distant target.[52] The chain is attached to the hilt of his sword. Gegetsuburi is a melee-type Zanpakutō, as Ōmaeda states it has no Kidō or elemental abilities.

Shikai Special Ability: Gegetsuburi has no special abilities to speak of though it is commonly used for long-range combat, Ōmaeda also uses it as a shield for close-range attacks. However, Gegetsuburi has proven to be a offensive weapon, rather than a defensive one, as it can be easily cracked, and even shattered, by stronger opponents. It is notable that against a Fracción like Ggio Vega, his Shikai cracks but does not break, while when against someone with captain-level spiritual power, such as Ichigo Kurosaki, can shatter it with one punch.

Omaeda Bankai

Omaeda's true form released in his bankai

In bankai, Omaeda gains access to his true form and powers.


  • There is a slight inconsistency in the depiction of Gegetsuburi in both manga and anime depictions between its first and second appearance. When initially used against Ichigo Kurosaki, the Shikai appears to have much longer spiked protrusions, they were also silver. Yet by its second usage against Nirgge Parduoc and Ggio Vega, the spikes on Gegetsuburi are now smaller and less raised in form, becoming the same color as the rest of the ball.
  • When Ōmaeda's lieutenant badge was hit by Baraggan's Respira, he cut it off with his Zanpakutō. However, after Soifon's second Bankai attack on Barragan, it was shown that it was still on his arm.
  • Both Ōmaeda and Gegetsuburi's spirit are voiced by Shoto Kashii. When the two talk, it's essentailly Kashii talking to himself


  • (To Nirgge Parduoc) "I'll teach you something. You shouldn't judge others by their appearances."
  • (To Nirgge Parduoc) "I'm not fat! I'm just plump! It's a symbol of affluence. It's not the same as a poor bastard like you who's just sloppily fat without any reason. That's what you are."
  • (Upon Revealing his Bankai)"...See?...i told you i wasnt fat"