Omega Sandran
Species: Omega Pixietaurian
Home World: Ampfibia
Regular Form: Sandran
Weight: Now 360 Foot
Height: Now 14 Inches
Body Type: Ancient Demonish Fairy With 2 Head Ears
Powers: Spit Lightnings & Breath Ice, Shoots Fire From Her Hands & Horns, Re-Super Streigth
1st Appearance: Not Yet!

Omega Sandran is an Omega Pixietaurian from the planet Ampfibia. Her appearance is comfirmed by Joshua McCoy that she is made in Paint Software of Windows.

Descrption Edit

She is now three-houndred sixty foot and now fourteen inches like Josh Mccoy's Transformation, Mega Josh. She now uses her powers like Spit Lightnings, Breath Ice, Shoot Fire From Her Hands & Her Horns and she now uses her Re-Super Streigth.

Trivia Edit

  • This Art Is Released On February 14, 2011.

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