Ominous is the 2012 Horror film sequel to the popular 2010 James Wan horror film Insidious.

It is written by Insidious Writer and actor Leigh Whannell but this time directed Brief Saw Series take-over Darren Lynn Bousman.

It stars Demi Moore, Scott Klace, Trevor Gagnon, Philip Bolden, Tanner Maguire, Griffin Gluck, Gillian Armstrong, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Colin Firth, Heidi Klum and David Spade in his first horror film appearence and non comedic rather frightening role as a devil of hell.

The film in difference to the first takes basis from a real life story where the first film's plot was completely made up taking inspiration from classic films such as the Exorcist and the Amytiville Horror.


Three young boys experience strange phenomena in their recently divorced and newly married mother's house.

They try a small three people seance in the house whilest their mother and her new husband are away to see if the threatening frightening noises they are hearing are the work of something actually in the house.

They try and what follows is a truly horrific turn of events.

A Horrible man made of black with no face appears to them as the first thing they see and everywhere they go from there threatening unexplainable beings seem to follow.

The three young boys are all experiencing sheer unimaginable terror and of course meet with dismissal when informing their parents.

However things elevate to a dangerous place and logic meets supernatural becomes a debate.

It starts with the harming of a beautiful family friend babysitter whom is rendered into a contemporary coma with frightening unexplainable injuries.

A school councellor firmly based in christianity and spirituality comes to bless the house where the horror started and inevitably himself meets a horrifying end.

The police come and the boys stepfather's fingerprints have seemingly surfaced to suggest he was responsebile for the murder of the visiting councellor and harming of the family friend babysitter.

The family is monitored from there on out by the local police and a shocking truth is revealed.

The three young innocent boys did not invoke a terrifying evil through a small little seance they performed but rather for a very long time were in danger due to the sleeping seizures they would have.

They are indeed talented travellers (skilled astro projectors) whom have found their way into the three dimensional planes of hell belonging to the three central devils of hell: Including the big bad Lucifer himself.

However it's not just the all mighty devils themself threatening the poor family but also an evil collection of tortured spirits from a horrible ghostly plane situated next to the gateway to these hells.

The ghostly plane being called the Further.

A Call goes out for help describing what's happening to the family and help then presents itself.

An old caucasian woman and african american woman come to the family claiming to know exactly what's after them and what's going to happen.

They tell how they plan for the 666th year to assume the bodies of six indivivuals with the power to firmly astral project.

A bevy of three boys and three girls.

They tell how the three young boys are not the only ones sought out by the evil devils of hell itself.

How the mother whom has the same sleeping seizures herself along with her two sisters are also chosen to be the vessels for these evil matriarchs.

The women tell how there is only one way to save this poor family from damnation and the world itself from a future damnation.

They must overcome their fears of what wants them by going back there to the horrible places they thought they only invented in their dreams.

They must once there overcome and overpower them.

There is a very good spirit who will meet them halfway and securley escort them into the darkness and try to ensure they will return.

But ultimatley it is up them themselves to make sure they do not succumb and furthermore doom the world they live on.

Songs to tempt and unease

The devils as they draw near and attack the Smith family members are the following:

  • Lucifer's Song: Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby (The song is only heard by Daniel as Lucifer comes near to him)
  • Prince's song: O Willow Waly (Song is heard in the Prince's Hell Dimension Hell's Eyes only)



thumb|300px|left|Jackal's Lullaby

thumb|300px|left|The Jacka's Lullaby

thumb|300px|left|Damien's Lullaby

The Devils Of Hell- Those six who want them six

The following are the devils of Ominous whom wish to assume the bodies of the Smith Family.:

  1. Lucifer: The Head devil himself, he wants the body of the oldest of the three boys Daniel Smith. He rules the hell dimension Hell itself and appears as a horrible being made of black with an emblem positioned on his body with slit black lines on his chest and terrible ram horns on his head. His true form is not seen till the climax of the film. A particular frightening children's song plays when he draws near
  2. Prince Of Darkness: Lucifer's first born son and the one who has chosen the boy Matthew Smith

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