Friends. Ross, Chandler and Rachel are forced to go on the run when they kill the evil prime minister. His whole army is hunting for them, but can they stop the prime minister's wife, who has an nasty plan to kill the trio.


Rachel screamed as she was dragged away to the next room. She continued to scream, hoping that someone will save her. She and her friends had lost the battle.

She remembered the first year she was brought into the assassin world. She hoped it would be simple, but no, that was impossible for her.

She and Ross and Chandler were the only ones who survived the attack of the assassin school. They were tortured and were forced to see their friends die.

She always remembered Ross face when he saw his younger brother die in front of his eyes. She remembered Chandler's when his other friend Joey had been killed.

Rachel was the only lucky one out of the trio to not have her loved ones die, yet. She suddenly woke up from her day dream and screamed when the man next to her stabbed an peice of glass onto her wrist.

Chandler woke up and quickly searched his pockets. His gun was not there with him. He was going to find something so he can defend himself.

He heard an woman scream in the distance. Rachel. Chandler shuddered. He couldn't believe what had happened in the last month.

The feared dark assassin of them all, Richard Burke, had tooken over the prime minister job. Chandler, Rachel and Ross sneaked in to try and kill them, but most of the mansion had been destroyed.

He wished he could travel back in time. If he hadn't sneaked in, he and his friends might be okay. Richard couldn't believe he had almost been outsmarted.

Chandler got up and tried to find Ross. He saw an woman chained up to the wall. She was alive. "Hey, what is your name", she asked.

"Chandler Bing, who are you", Chandler replyed. "Monica Tribbiani. Me and my brother were captured and we witnessed our whole family get murdered", she told him how she had gotten here.

"Me and my friends tried to sneak in and kill Burke. We were found and we are all separated around this place. I can hear one of them screaming right now".

Ross Geller woke up and cursed at what he saw. There was an woman and an man, tied up, facing each other. "Help me", the woman moaned.

Ross tried, but relised he, too, was tied up. "I can't", he told them. "Who is your name", the man asked. "Ross Geller", he replyed.

"I'm Joey Tribbiani and this is one of my friends, Phoebe Buffay", he explained. "How did you get here", Joey asked. Ross explained with the break in.

"Me and my sister were captured and forced to watch out family die. Phoebe was living on the streets and was on the run, but they found her naked in an shed", Joey explained.

"I think i was raped", Phoebe muttered, but Ross managed to hear it. "Anyway, how do we get out of here", Joey asked Ross. "I don't know".

One, Plan

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